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Ottoman Ship Arslan Başlı (1717)


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Name: Arslan Başlı

Launched: 1717

Designation: 4th/5th rated lineship

Guns Carried: 44+


Discovered this gem online while doing some browsing, best I could dig up after a while.  I'm quite sure she'll never see the light of day due to the current timeline of ships being offered up for the devs to put ingame, but she's a nice looking vessel regardless:




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Timeline is fine :)


Do you have some of her sailing history? or maybe some interesting additional information about her?


Very little I'm afraid, but she did participate in the Battle of Imbros and the Battle of Matapan in the same year she was launched.


Which Arslan Basli is the question, there's two.

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Interesting, this makes me wonder if we have someone who has additional knowledge of the ottoman navy :)

Malachi, amongst others, is someone who knows more about ships than im ever capable of understanding, but this might be very specific..



I sent out an email earlier to the Turkish Naval Museum in Istanbul, I'm hoping to receive a reply in the next few days. :)

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Not a verified info but, the real name for this ship is GOTO PREDESTINACIA, built in VORONEZ shipyard in 1700. This ship is later sold to OTTOMAN empire, named probably MAVI ARSLAN BAŞLI or someone gave this name and fate is unknown. As far as I know, there is a replica of this ship. I dont know how the museum found the info and constructed the model plan. Pls check this info and note I am not an expert, but just a hobbyist.

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