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Ahoy, captains! I am a complete greenhorn to this game, looking for a welcoming clan to join before I begin. In fact, I've just now finished the download after watching many helpful tutorial videos from current players. It seems joining up is a necessity for beginners who wish to do well. And so, I offer my services. I've not yet chosen a server because I'm unsure if I would be able to change servers to join a clan on their primary server. Therefore, I've also not chosen a nationality. These decisions will be based on which server your clan resides. Below is a briefing about my experiences.


I've played a variety of games involving clans (since Quake days), and some that don't. Some related to the sailing age: Sid Meier's Pirates, Uncharted Waters, AC: Black Flag. However, my last couple years have been spent growing our Total Oblivion clan for World of Tanks and other WG games. I previously commanded -T-O- for 2 and a half years. At which time I gave the reigns up to build and command our second clan, and then 6 months later our third clan. We've grown our community and alliances into top 30 competitive clans for WG. I personally manage our 3-clan TS and forum, primarily by myself. (BTW, if you play Tanks, Ships, Planes, please feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining a clan there.)


I make mention all the above simply to inform you of what I might be able to offer your clan. I am a dedicated, smart worker. I fully understand beginning at the bottom and playing the supporting roles for awhile. I will do as much as I can to help your clan community thrive. Do understand, to be honest, that our Oblivion clanmates have some interest in this game and possibly creating a clan of our own. However, this will be ages from now. We, of course, would remain loyal to any clan making us feel welcome as we learn the ropes in NA.


If you feel I would be a helpful addition to your clan, please message me. I'll be available for PvP 1 or 2 USA.


Thank you for your consideration,

Cpt Blackthorne

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So, I've been playing on PvE USA1 beta to learn the ropes. I have an understanding of battle, yet I can't execute long range ball very well. I get pretty wrecked early on during battles. Haven't lost yet, so that's a plus. I'm also slow in the manual sail controls, however, I've been stuck in wind only in the first battle. I've yet to participate in any of the Large or Small battles. I don't believe I'd be much help with standard ship, nor the two I've captured. I'd like to be a major part in these though. I'm taking a liking to the trading quite much. Trying to learn crafting in the most efficient way, but slow at that. In fact, I've not crafted anything yet, as I don't see anyone needing the little things I can craft atm. It's something I'd like to be helpful to a clan with (considering I am Blackthorne, an Englishman sailing for the Dutch East Indies Co, heh.)


I hope my resume and intent sparks some interest with clans. Please contact me if interested.



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