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Unsincable 3rd Rate Fire Ship.

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Hello im posting bug that just happend.

We intercepted pirate ships S-SE from Carlisle with good tag making them unable to escape , we swarmed them starting sink them and this happend : one third rate with both side armors  stripped , pump out , rudder out and in fire shock was just sailing straight for like 10+ min , untill we demasted him and he surrendered.Every time his lower deck was going under water he was miracously pumping all water out.


All present made f11 (i did and i hope rest did it also)


Made couple screens (not from beggining his fire shock/stripped armor).Also i belive someone made video.










http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/279595726542966245/FE142D33182CBBDD32FCBE65EE8AE79E9BB7A463/  <--- Look how high he is in water / after my guns reloaded i shaved his stern mast and he surrendered.


Rest of screens at 




He surrendered at timer about 55:00 or 53:00 and i belive fire shock started like 1:10:00  or 1:07:00.

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