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PvP1: Where should I go to find a fight?

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What the title says, basically. I'm on PvP 1, playing for France, and while I haven't gone too far to find a PvP fight in the past, as I haven't felt that I've had the rank/ship or skill for it, I've only been in like 2-3 PvP engagements. However, as of now, I've got a Renommee, I've been feeling pleased with myself for just making Capitaine de Fregate (250 crew), I've been considering getting a Belle Poule, but I've been wondering what to do next. I've been mostly grinding missions for xp, but now that I've just ranked up and I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment, I don't feel like just going back and doing more missions again. Most of the AI fleets I see are either stupid traders or cutter-type boats that aren't worth the time it takes to sink them, or fleets of 74s and their escorts that would be suicide to attack alone. PvP seems like the thing to go for, but I just don't know where to go to find it. I sailed to Panama when the French were fighting the British there, but then I got distracted for a few days and when I came back, the Brits controlled pretty much the entire coast, and it seemed like a waste of time to stick around there. Where should I go next where I'll stand a good chance of encountering other players? 

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It's kind of like there are two games here:

The PvP game

The port battle game


You'd think they'd be the same thing in the same place but current game mechanics actually do not encourage this. You find the port battle front-line and odds are nobody is there outside of port battle hours (which are probably all set to the hours with literally the least number of players online because we apparently trolling the playerbase is more fun than having port battles now). There's just no reason to hang out at ports when the timer isn't open. There's nothing to do there.


So if you want an actual PvP fight, you have to ignore the entire port battle system and go to where the fights are.


Fights can be found:

* In areas where the enemy team runs missions

* In areas where there is good fleet grinding

* Near enemy capitals


Sometimes there are kind of some "agreed upon" PvP areas, often around Haiti, where people looking for fights for no reason roam around running into people looking for fights for no reason. But if you can't find an area like that, see the above places. Can't go wrong with Jamaica (British capital) or Mortimer Town (pirate capital) though.


If you want lighter fare, you'll just have to wander around.


Really, PvP is about operating out of free towns.


The actual RvR aspect of this game is almost dead due to rampant port timer trolling (and other factors, but largely that).

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Small PvP.



To hunt Dutch:



To hunt US:

-Cabo Canaveral


To hunt British:

- Bensalem/ Bonacca


To hunt Danes:

- La Mona


To hunt Pirates:

- La Tortu


To hunt Pirates u do not to have to sail to Pirate waters. Just sail to the towns wich are named. ;)

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