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Admiraal Mitholyn

Clan System overhaul

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Dear Admins and Devs,


Alas the current clan system isn't fully working of how it should be. It's very nice to have the option to make a clan and to have more captains work to a common goal!

But when the Clan leader goes afk or even stops playing the game theres no possibility to promote players or even kick them from that moment on.

The officers in the clan can invite people but can not kick or promote people if they want to.


I would like to suggest the following:

- Clan leadership transferable internaly


- Add clan ranks to give more options for example a rear admiral can do exactly the same as a admiral with the exception of changing the clan name or promoting someone to that rank:

Admiral (clan leader)

Rear Admiral (second in command)




-add a clan bank: This makes it easier to buy conquest flags from general income, now players have to arrange everything themselves which takes time to transfer funds.


Well i do hope u guys have some ideas about the clan system and well we will see in the future!



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