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Since Sweden kind of is in a civil war right now the national chat is flooded with clans fighting each other (mostly drunk vs KF). but for the majority that don't care about that the chat is practically unusable right now. this makes it really hard to communicate between the players since the chat is, for the most part, the only way to communicate between random players. its hard to start, for example, a fleethunting group when you cant use the main chat.


Therefor i propose a second national chat. in this chat no diplomacy or clan talk is allowed, so its easier to find traders, shipbuilders and groups to hunt with. think it would help the, at least the Swedish community, alot and new players as well where they can ask questions without being called noobs and so on. its actually gotten so bad that people are leaving Sweden because of this.



Sry for bad english, Mods has my englishbook :P

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