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Texas Navy sloop-of-war Austin

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The Austin was a 600 ton ship-rigged sloop in the Second Texas Navy that is most famously remembered for being immortalized on the cylinder of the 1851 Colt Navy revolver. The scene engraved on the Colt depicts the 1843 Naval Battle of Campeche Bay, between the Mexican Navy and the Republic of Texas and Republic of Yucatan naval forces. This battle is notable as the only time an all-sail-powered force defeated an enemy with steam powered vessels.


She carried a crew of 23 officers and warrant officers, 151 sailors and marines and was armed with 16 medium 24-pound cannons, two 18-pound medium cannons, and two 18-pound long cannons. She began construction in 1839 as the Texas in Baltimore by the Schott and Whitney firm, and was delivered to the Texas Navy and commissioned on 5 January 1840 under the command of Captain Edwin W. Moore, TN.


In addition to her participation in the actions off of the coast of the Yucatan against Mexico, she was able to capture several enemy vessels as prizes.


She was commissioned into the United States Navy on 11 May 1846 following the annexation of the Republic of Texas into the United States where she served in Pensacola until she was stricken in 1848.

Here are more pictures of the Austin


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Its probably way out of boundaries of the preferred time period which I think is 1680-1820.




If the US ever gets their first rate USS Pennsylvania which was built in 1937 then we have potential access to a number of Texas Naval Ships. I would be proud to sail any ship from Texas. ^_^


Edit: Or at the very least it could be a premium ship, I'm not sure what the admins view on that is but I'm sure Galleons are facing the same problem.

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The USS America and any previously constructed lineships of the Continental/United States Navy have a better chance of getting in than the Pennsylvania. Not trying to dampen your hopes, but if the devs lowered the restrictions, you could potentially see screw propelled ships and ironclads being proposed.

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