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We wish too complain about herminator and others for griefing

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Denmark-Norge attackd Oranjestad last evning server time there was one MOD there who didnt care.


We was rammed by herminator soo swedes could hit us easier, also his friends participated on this. and he also uses his cutters to take space in the battle.

We at RNoN calling out this as griefing.


Some pictures/proof of this happenings.

First picture is showin that herminator is ramming me he also rammed other players of our clan.


This pictures shows that they are takin in cutters to use space





Best regards Cpt.Birdy

RNoN Royal Norwegian Navy representative



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Evening captain,


The screenshots you have provided show that Herminator sails close to you, it doesn't however show that he is deliberately ramming you.

Also, if others took part in this griefing, it is usefull for the tribunal to state their names here.


In regard to filling spaces to prevent friends from joining, there are still 9 slots left in this battle, so i fail to see how he is blocking others from joining?


To be frank, the evidence is by far not sufficient to support the claim of intentional griefing.

If you are able to produce any additional evidence, feel free to PM me and it will be reviewed. if sufficient, the topic will be reopened and the tribunal will commence.


Case dismissed.

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