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Mutiny? :)

Pierre le Grand



The legend says that Pierre ordered the crew's surgeon to cut a hole in the side of their own boat and sink it, to inspire the men to fight their hardest for lack of a means of retreat. Then the pirates climbed up the side of the galleon, armed with swords and pistols.


Surprise was complete. The pirates took the galleon's captain unawares while he played cards in his own cabin. Pierre's men also seized the gun room, slaughtering the Spanish guards and preventing the rest of the Spanish crew from obtaining weapons to defend themselves and their ship. The galleon's sailors had little choice but to surrender.




Stupendously good work Slik.

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I'm just a moderator. All the arts are made by the game-labs artists.

My compliments to them.   B)

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Well, certainly Bellona was His Majesty's Ship. :)

Loving the devotion to accuracy with the artwork and associated text.


A couple of points to continue the quest:


If the recruitment poster is intended to depict a link to the Royal Navy or British, then the spelling should be UK English, not American. Defence is spelt with a 'c' not an 's'. Colour.... has a 'u'. 


...... No, I'm not British, I'm Australian.

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