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Ahoy there!

After much studying of the ships' various speed profiles, I realised that I could use these, together with their default speed values, to calculate how best to escape enemy ships attempting to pursue you. It turns out that almost all ships can escape almost all others, or at least outrun them rather competently on at least one point of sail.


Here is a link to the Escapomatrix; my attempt at illustrating these points, unfortunately only going so far as to include the ships available at Master and Commander. I will add more as I progress.

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More than once I've alt-tabbed the game in a frenzied hunt for Jodgi's speed graphs. This will go much faster.





Nice i just usually remember the angle for my ships fastest route. but that because im not usually hunting players either.

Ah, but most ships will be caught on their fastest point of sail. Their point of relative advantage may be different (90 for Cerb, 60 for Surprise).

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what sever do you play on


On PvP 1! :)


This adds a quantitative reason is why I use Trader Brigs as warehouse extensions rather than sailing ships.



Me too, old chap! Damn those things - also why I tend to shamefully use the Trader's Snow as a teleporting cargo hauler back to Port Royal. :)

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