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The Big List of Naval Action Guides

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This is not a guide however this topic is intended to link to all the useful guides in this forum and clean up the stickied topics a bit, if you find any good guides in this subforum you want added please send me a message and i will see to add the topic..


Do Note that some guides might not be entirely up to date however all of the guides have a decent amount that is relevant to the current version of the game.


2nd note: If you make a good guide and want me to add it, please send me or any other mod a message!



Beginners Guides:


Pirate's Guide to Plunder- Sprog's Handbook (New Pirate Player Guide)


Newbie Tutorial – British Faction Edition




Video Guides:



Manual Sails Tutorial by Grunf 


Manual Sails Tutorial by Grunf


RAMJB videos&guides (youtube)


Beginner's Guide - Videos


Beginners Starting Guide Pvp Battles (Basic Combat Tutorial Guide)


Interface Tutorials


Naval Action Ship Reviews by Olav



Navigation Guides:


How To Navigate The Open Seas



Wood Type and Ship Characteristics:


Wood Thickness and Characteristics Guide



Weapons and Combat Guides:


The Rock-Paper-Scissors of boarding.


Rolling Front vs Rolling Back (Tutorial)


How to win battles in your first ship - 'Yacht'


Boarding Guide


Gun Guide


Understanding the Different Gunnery Modes


Sailing Guides:


Advanced Sailing Tactics



Traders Survival Guide


How to get out of Irons




Keyboard Shortcuts List


Acronyms list


The (unofficial) Naval Action Wiki


Crafting Recipes (Excl. Ships) - Modules Recipes + Stats


Ship speeds


How to play Naval Action in 4k(AMD Only)


Ship Guide


A treatise on Naval Action: a complete guide - Mr. Doran (note that values and precise combat instructions are outdated due to changing values, game mechanics and meta, so keep this in mind while reading it. The guide still contains a lot of usefull information for the current version of the game)




Need a guide but it doesnt exist? you can request it over here!

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