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[ROE] Port Battle Queue - Solution for "random people" joining in wrong ships.

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Pretty much everyone being in port battles felt irritated by  random people joining battle with small ships taking slot of your 3rd and above when you have your members prepared and you bought flag or prepared people for defense.This is my idea how to solve it , short but i hope you will like it.


After planting a flag  ships joining  port battle (crossed swords) should be put in queue.Queue with 1 minute timer that starts after first ship join in.That 1 minute could be taken from 5 minute timer before battle.


After queue timer would run off ship placed in port battle could be :


-Ships with biggest BR.

-Ships with clan tag shared with most ships in queue.

-Time joining queue.


1 minute timer for queue should be enough for groups/clans prepared for atack or defense of port , because after flag is planted battle is filled in seconds or in a minute mostly.After queue ends and port battle starts ships that didnt get in should be placed in OW again.


What about those joining later?Well if port defense (mostly because atackers should have all ships in togheter near flag carrier) isnt prepared before - all ships should be able to join in, even "randoms".





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At last some constructive proposition, at first I was thinking that it would be better just to let in player created fleet of 25 but your solution is much better cause it works also for defend battles.

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Or even simpler, as most PB attacks are organized before purchasing the flag, have it set up where all the needed / expected players name have to be entered prior to the flag being bought, like a roster.


5 or 10 minutes after the port battle starting the roster can then be ignored and anyone else around / anyone that missed it can join after that point.


Hell, you could even make flags bought with a roster (or something similar) cost more than it would for a flag anyone can join.

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I agree with the OP - the port battle system should allow for more organized groups to have more control over the players in offensive battles.  


The fundamental flaw with the port battle system is limiting players that are not part of these organized groups from having any chance at joining at port battle ever.  If a single player in a frigate wanted to join in port battle fun, there is no option for them to do so.


Please Devs, in the new port battle mechanic there needs to be skilled combat roles for all classes of ships to participate and contribute to the success of the overall conquest or port battle.


If the conquest of a port involved at least 3 battles to take the port, a shallow, a medium frigate battle, and a heavy line ship battle.


1. The SOL battle [4th rate SOL and above] would be fought first at the far range of the port towers to allow the frigates and shallow water ships to get closer to the fort.  

If the SOL attackers win the battle the could give long range fire to destroy some fort batteries making the next frigate and shallow water ship battle easier for the attackers


2. The Medium Frigate Battle [Constitution to Renomme] is fought at medium range under the fort batteries to destroy the medium size towers.  If the SOL failed at destroying any towers, then this battle will be very difficult but still achievable.


3.  The Shallow Water ships [Niagra to Privateer] ultimately decide the outcome of the battle as they are they only ships that can get close enough to the inner towers of the fort.  If the SOL and Frigate battles were won by the attackers then this should be an easy win for the attackers.

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