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Three things I love:

1. I love all the details and authenticity in historically accurate  ship models, sailplans, points of sail, etc...

2. The ships and environment are gorgeous. 

3. I love the physics of sailing in combat. Yard control, heel, leeway, etc...

Three things I would improve:

1. Crews with names and stats. Assembling and managing a crew seems like it ought to be an essential function of a naval captain. Also, losing a crew member who had seen several battles together with you and had unique stats that could never be replaced would raise the stakes and investment in combat.

2. Sailing in the OW. The sailing physics are by far the strongest part of combat, so why not have them in the open world? That, along with some sailing challenges like storms, reefs, etc... would practically double the content of the game.

3. Bring the crew animation and graphics on par with the beautiful ships and environment. The only crew is on the cannons, no sailing crew, no crew holding swords and flintlocks, ready to board, no one at the helm, etc... The cannon crew has some of the worst foot sliding I have seen, and it's hard to tell what they are supposed to be doing. 

Three things I hate:

1. The boarding minigame. It is literally worse than no minigame at all. Autoresolving would be an improvement at this point.

A real time strategy minigame where you click on units and assign them to shoot or grenade or attack enemy units would be cool. A first person shooter minigame where you board the ship as a captain armed with flintlock and cutlass would be cool.

Pretty much any minigame you can imagine would be better than waiting 15 seconds to click a little rectangular button.

2. The holographic handholding HUD.

No need to read the wind or guess at the enemies numbers. All the situational awareness and metagame info you could possibly want is force-fed to you, so that you can focus on the real challenges that 18th century captains faced, like aiming the scope of their sniper-cannons.

3. As I mentioned, one of my very favorite things about the game is the detailed attention to historical accuracy of the ships and how they sail. Those beautiful details are undone when a ship made of fir is magically 20% faster than the same ship made of live oak, and a bunch of mods and upgrades will make it faster still.

Materials and modifications to ships should have effects that reflect the same authenticity that was put into their original design.

Modifications and upgrades with a larger gameplay effect should relate to the skills of the crew, rather than destroying all the work that went into the historical accuracy of the ship's performance. 

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On 7/15/2014 at 11:34 AM, admin said:

Dear testers


Please post this


  • Three things you absolutely love in NA
  • Three things you want to be improved
  • Three things you absolutely hate


Bonus question to veteran testers.

  • Three things from old testing rounds you liked more than current implementation.

The ships. Graphics and the map

Better behaviour from AI that sails through land. 

The haphazard (ATM) maintenance schedule along with with daily patrols. The labour hours, its a farce.

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Three things you absolutely love in NA: 

1: The semi-realistic sailing. It's the best out there. 2: Being able to customize ship loadouts and upgrades. 3: Trading isn't the worst grind ever, but it's grindy enough to make those few million reals worth it.

Three things you want to be improved:

1: Upgrades are a bit OP. The range of speeds for any given class is far too great to make things more fair. A Trinc can be a turd built out of live oak/sabicu and have a speed of 12.00Kn, or it can be fir/fir with naval clock, improved sextant and a navy hull refit and do 15Kn. That's too much of a disparity. It rewards people for sailing 15Kn plus ships and lets them run away from ANY fight.
 2: Port Bonuses aren't available for everyone in a nation and that's bad. It means you are forced to deal with clans you don't want to JUST to build ships with decent bonuses, but if they feel like cutting you off the list for ANY reason, they can and your ships are trash. It's gamed by clans that work for other nations as well... cutting clans the outside nation tells them to so they can't build decent ships and threaten the outside nation. Putting peoples' shipbuilding capabilities in the hands of OTHER clans, (and sometimes enemy nations,) is bad... bad... bad. Port bonuses for everyone or for nobody. It's being gamed and stinks. You spend reals putting penetration mods on your PZone ship, get there and are decimated by ships that are built in other ports with better bonuses. It's too much for anyone who isn't building ships in that port to compete with really.

3: Battle rating differences should be tweaked to prevent tiny ships from entering battles with line ships. They'd never be used against line ships, but here in NA, people show up in Snows all the time and game the system, stern raking ships ten time their size. That's kind of BS and ruins immersion. 


Three things you absolutely hate:

1: OP Snows jumping into fights they are outclassed in just to stern camp and kill much bigger ships. The Snow is OP; there is nobody who would say otherwise. Sure, one CAN defend against them a little... but really, nobody with a turn rate less than 4 can deal with them. 

2: OW tagging tactics. You have the wind... you use the wind... but when you tag, somebody can magically whip around and take the wind from you in less than four seconds and the fight is ruined for the tagger. OW speeds are ridiculous and wind boosts make them even more comically stupid. Needs work.

3: Upgrades and shipbuilding bonuses are just too much. Sure, people should have some flexibility in how they want their ship to handle, turn and operate, but upgrades and bonuses are just plain cartoonish and really kill your immersion.

"Ha! An indefatigable! I'll attack it in my Wasa!" 
Indefatigable has turn rate of 4.7, speed of 14.56 and pen mods, gunnery, sailing bonuses and in cartoon fashion, (without regard for actual wind physics,) destroys you in six broadsides.

Just stupid and lop-sided in most instances. a ship should have and ENJOY it's own benefits and limitations to design and weight. No amount of upgrades should be able to side step those limitations, yet in this game anyone with a Connie plus three speed upgrades can run from most anything.

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