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currently I love "the game for its existence" but I "hate":

the random aspect on crafting

the weird opponent scaling on PvE missions (eg1. One experienced Captain in Wasa and a n00b ina Bellona get a horde of 3xPavel, 3x3rd Rate and 2 Constis in 4th rate Fleet Missions, nearly every time, eg2. With a group of two experienced (Rattlesnake/Mercury) and three Greenhorns (Snow/NavyBrig) for a lowest(!) 6th rate mission, we get 18 ships (ok, Snow&Brig) on the enemy side?! eg3. On a 3rd rate Solo mission, we entered as a team of two (Aga+Wasa), we get a two Pavel,...)

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On 24/7/2017 at 5:57 AM, HarryButpain said:

So I have lost my surprise now for the second time because of the npc boarding my ship. Npc always seems to be rdy to board your vessel no matter the circumstances. I don't mind npc having faster reload or doing more dmg than a player could do, cause I can easily make his shots bounce off my hull in my sleep, but the boarding thing REALLY annoys the hell out of me.

I just lost my Wasa, when the NPC ship was really almost to sink...

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  • Tres cosas que amas absolutamente en NA
    • Las batallas navales, sus gráficos y su mecánica
    • La belleza de sus paisajes y de sus naves (me encanta hacerle fotografías las cuales colecciono)
    • El comportamiento y las imagenes del oceano
  • Tres cosas que quieres mejorar
    •  La escasa atención que se le da al PVE, ( IA piratas atacantes, y países en guerra, son dos cosas que deben de implementarse)
    • Le daría mas valor a la artesanía y a la experiencia navegando
    • Me gustaria llevar una tripulación personalizada pudiendo enseñar y especializar a los mandos intermedios. 
  • Tres cosas que odias absolutamente
    • La ninguna atención al PVE. 
    • La falta de especialización en la construcción de cañones y armas
    • La Falta de especialización en la construcción de tipos de barcos.

Desde aquí  doy las gracias por haberme facilitado este bello juego que me hace pasar horas deleitándome en el. En la elaboración del juego se ve claramente el amor y el cariño que habéis puesto al realizar tan bello trabajo.



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General the game, ships ...


1) Marks system and all update 11.

2) Removed Durability, improve the PvP and the gang, Alt Account, and a PvE totaly empty.

( Why removed the old system ship gold, silver, copper, Common and 5 perma upgrade, and same for upgrade ?? The game has been perfect )

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Three things I love:

1. I love all the details and authenticity in historically accurate  ship models, sailplans, points of sail, etc...

2. The ships and environment are gorgeous. 

3. I love the physics of sailing in combat. Yard control, heel, leeway, etc...

Three things I would improve:

1. Crews with names and stats. Assembling and managing a crew seems like it ought to be an essential function of a naval captain. Also, losing a crew member who had seen several battles together with you and had unique stats that could never be replaced would raise the stakes and investment in combat.

2. Sailing in the OW. The sailing physics are by far the strongest part of combat, so why not have them in the open world? That, along with some sailing challenges like storms, reefs, etc... would practically double the content of the game.

3. Bring the crew animation and graphics on par with the beautiful ships and environment. The only crew is on the cannons, no sailing crew, no crew holding swords and flintlocks, ready to board, no one at the helm, etc... The cannon crew has some of the worst foot sliding I have seen, and it's hard to tell what they are supposed to be doing. 

Three things I hate:

1. The boarding minigame. It is literally worse than no minigame at all. Autoresolving would be an improvement at this point.

A real time strategy minigame where you click on units and assign them to shoot or grenade or attack enemy units would be cool. A first person shooter minigame where you board the ship as a captain armed with flintlock and cutlass would be cool.

Pretty much any minigame you can imagine would be better than waiting 15 seconds to click a little rectangular button.

2. The holographic handholding HUD.

No need to read the wind or guess at the enemies numbers. All the situational awareness and metagame info you could possibly want is force-fed to you, so that you can focus on the real challenges that 18th century captains faced, like aiming the scope of their sniper-cannons.

3. As I mentioned, one of my very favorite things about the game is the detailed attention to historical accuracy of the ships and how they sail. Those beautiful details are undone when a ship made of fir is magically 20% faster than the same ship made of live oak, and a bunch of mods and upgrades will make it faster still.

Materials and modifications to ships should have effects that reflect the same authenticity that was put into their original design.

Modifications and upgrades with a larger gameplay effect should relate to the skills of the crew, rather than destroying all the work that went into the historical accuracy of the ship's performance. 

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On 7/15/2014 at 11:34 AM, admin said:

Dear testers


Please post this


  • Three things you absolutely love in NA
  • Three things you want to be improved
  • Three things you absolutely hate


Bonus question to veteran testers.

  • Three things from old testing rounds you liked more than current implementation.

The ships. Graphics and the map

Better behaviour from AI that sails through land. 

The haphazard (ATM) maintenance schedule along with with daily patrols. The labour hours, its a farce.

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