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Ahoy dear captains!

This international association is willing to gather people from all time-zones with the purpose of protecting the Pirate interests in the whole Caraibean seas.

All sorts of Captains are welcome :

- Newbie or Veteran

- Merchants, Explorers, Craftspersons, Fighters, Raiders, Strategists, etc.

The main criterions for applying are :

- Seeking fun

- Spiritual involvement (We all are humans. We are not asking for 24/24-7/7 but our goals require a bit of faith).

- Willing to improve yourself at all time.

- Willing to be part of a community and being part of his collaborative decision making.




RAW WEBSITE : raw.shivtr.com





Ahoy boys!



We are in trouble!

Considering server 2 is low population and considering major pirate clans of the server are nothing but shadows from their past... Ruins and Phantom had never been our ally!


For this reason I call upon every pirates to join RAW for a fresh start!

Don't hesitate because of any dark reasons! Just join and enjoy a bunch of mates and a willing staff!

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