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Suggestion, or plea, to the devs for making the next title(s) a bit more moddable

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Hi all,


I know this topic has already appeared in some form before but I reckon that repeating it once more gives it more strength somehow (repetita iuvant) ;) .


So, what I think the next UG series games might greatly benefit from is a simple .txt file (or tantamount) where many variables about the game can be edited - just like Paradox games have, to be clear. Alternatively, there might be a screen in the main menu where one can set those parameters to their liking.


What I'm mostly referring to are things like artillery shots effectiveness, musket fire damage, and so on and so forth (the more, the better). The game would of course be balanced around the intended, original settings but it would be possible to fine tune them (at one's own risk, of course, i.e. the scenarios might not be balanced anymore after that).

This way, the great majority of players would leave them to the defaults and enjoy the game in its vanilla incarnation as it currently already happens, while those who (for example) would like to tone down arty to more historical values (David Fair docet...) would be able to do so. It's a win/win situation, IMHO.


So, please consider this for Antietam and the next titles as I'm sure many players would be overly happy with this welcome addition!




I heard it through the grapeshot









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