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[OJ] Oranje Flotilla is recruiting!


What we offer:

PVP, Leveling/missions/crafting, Trading, PVP, PVP



Small Gang PVP, Port Battles


Our Goals:

Have a blast - We aim to create a cohesive group of dumpster babies that are able to come out of any fight on top. Losing ships will happen as we learn, if you are scared to lose some ships - this won't be the place for you.


Our Numbers:

25+ Active Members


TeamSpeak Required


Our Experience:

15+ Port Captures

Established Fleet Commander

High level crafters

Open Sea PVP


Contacts: TwoVanBeardz in game or via my forum account.

Die Antwoord (in game)


Our Last Group photo: 




Thank you Orange is the New Black for your kind google images...

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Why PvP2 server? The main server is true the PvP1 . Where the Dutch fight against the swedish robots .....Come to fight in the biggest populated server, if u want help for Dutch brothers.


We started out here after the steam release and never looked back. While the server got a good drop of players, it seems to have stabilized now and it's doing fine. Could we use double, or triple the players? Sure... but it's still fine as it is.


If the pop drops another 2-300 player, it will be a ghost town though, if that happens, we'll consider.


The pop drop issue affected all the servers, it's a game issue, not a server issue.


I do think that when they wipe, they should do some mergers. We clearly have too many servers for the current player base. Either that, or drop the price 50% and bring new blood.

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