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hey all.  just bought the game yesterday.  played A LOT of sid's old gettysburg/antiedem/etc games, so i thought i would be good at this from the get go......boy was i wrong!  lol.  have reduced myself to cautious AI, but still not doing well at all.  read and watch some tutorials, but for the life of me, playing as csa, i suck donkey huevos!!


so, i am curious to know, are any of you playing multiplayer on teamspeak?  i think it would help me if i played against a real person, who could give me real time feedback on what i am doing wrong.


thnx all


long live the south!

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ok koro.  and i have been WARNED about you!!  lol.  not going to sucker ME into a game just yet!


will look for you on steam.  i am bishop on steam.  will send friend request.


i have been watching "historical gamer's" vids on youtube, is that you?

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i tell ya, my troops, csa, sure do not seem to have the moral i think they have.  i try to keep them in hill's radius, but they seem to break often, and keep running all the way back to chambersburg!!  lol


i have and play the board game, terrible swift sword, each counter is either an artillery battalion, or a regiment.  a favored tactic is to advance arty with a regiment.  the regiment takes the brunt of the enemy fire, which gives the arty the opportunity to unleash devastating attacks at a relatively close range.  this is NOT working in ugg, since you can target specific units.  i am having a helluva time keeping my arty effective.


combine those 2 deficiencies,  out of 10 games so far, i got 1 minor victory!!  lmfao!! :angry:


back to the drawing board i go  :(

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lord o' moses!  just tried to take davis and archer behind herr ridge, circle north, take oak ridge and wait for pender to enter, then do a combined attack from north and west.  it failed miserably!!  pender gets routed by union arty, archer runs, and only davis sits and performs admirably!


and that damn union arty battery, caleb!!  he sits by some buildings, starting position, and every time i target him with my arty, my arty refuses to attack him and switches to a different target, even though caleb is in their LOS.  who are these guys??!!  lmao!!


what do i gotta do to stop my guys from runnin'?  :huh:  i kept a.p. hill with pender, and left heth out of ZoC.  i think we really need some divisional commanders!   :D 

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No, not the historical gamer :).

My youtube channel is here:



So someone has warned you, eh? Well.. we can play the opening scenario if you want to see how the Confederates can attack :). It's not too long and you can use the knowledge in the campaign.

Dont play boosted btw, it's really tough and not necessary for new players.

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