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Exp/PVP system A change that could grow this game!


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  1. 1. Do you like the current exp grind

  2. 2. Would you like it if there as a new server with no exp grind or allmost no exp grind

  3. 3. Are you happy with the current pvp system

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      If any of you used to play pirates of the burning Sea you might remember that game was rather boring for most until you got to max lvl.   What i liked about it was you could lvl to max in like 16 hours of playtime at the most.   And 6v6 fights in that game were amazing.  They required more skill and teamwork then any port battle.


     My suggestion is a alternative server, so anyone who likes the current system can just stay where they are.   This server would give everyone full exp and access to all ships but no modifications. The only way to get modifications for your ships is Pvp   So like each kill/ assist would give you points toward buying mods in a store to spend them points.      


                      Next Important thing is this server would not be a map of different nations like the current system.   Instead it would be like a dock area view at first only showing available ships and then you would have your different battle ques.   Most would allow you to group with your guild members also.   Or  friends you could group with.



My suggestion would be have a 2v2 mode groups allowed.


3v3 groups allowed.


6v6 groups allowed.


25 vs 25 with groups allowed up to 6 players per group.



And my best idea is a massive bracket tournament that happens maybe 2 or 3 times per day on weekends


1v1 and maybe 2v2 sometimes



you advace to the next player if you win and are out of the tournament with a loss.  you could also put ship max requirements on some of this kind of stuff btw. 

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In my opinion, "fair fights" is what killed POTBS. I watched my guild participation dwindle week by week mainly, I believe, because it came down to:

* logs on.

* says, "Hey guys! Any group spots?"

"No sorry, groups are full."

* logs off.


(Or they join a less-than-6 group, which basically mills around, hoping enough other people log on to make it a 6-man group.)


The 6v6 meta basically meant that you were in a 6-man group or you didn't play. Extending that further to "2v2" or "3v3", etc, just limits everyone's potential targets: 600 people online and you can only fight a fraction of them because the rest are in the wrong group size.


It's tremendously better to have a Naval Action setup where everyone can just log in and join whatever we're doing.


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The experience grind is not very fair. You should be able to gain experience by way of trading, based on the distance sailed and the goods secured en route. Its one thing to gain experience for the capture of a trader, but to offer no experience in the defense of the goods being targeted is very unfair.

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The experience grind, while by no means a joy, will likely improve and diversify with time. As for another server, absolutely not. 


More importantly however, is I think the opportunity to make end game content not limited to only giant squadrons of line of battle ships smashing away at each other yardarm to yardarm (although that should certainly have its place). There should be a grind, and a heavy one at that to crew the largest ships and hoist your flag (wouldn't mind some other requirements, such as special achievements/missions to gain status as an admiral and a 1st Rate, but that is likely just me) because the last thing we need is a game where only the dedicated few and their first rates. 


Would love to see a way to promote frigate play as almost a middle tier endgame for those of us who have other games/rl preoccupations. But its easy for me to wish such things, designing and implementing is an entirely different matter. I leave that to smarter gentlemen. 

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Let's split the community even more, great idea. Other than that i'm sick of that generation of gamers that needs instant gratification, instant max lvl, and leave the game after 2 wekks, because there is nothing to do, great way to kill the game indeed. Grinding is needed, if we get more diverse missions, some side activities giving xp, some more frigates/4th rates to use i wouldn't mind even more grinding that we have now. I agree that current system when you either hunt fleets or farm pve missions to get xp is a bit dull, but it is early access and let's not forget about this.

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If anything, the grind needs to be LONGER not shorter. Short games die off FAST. Sure there should be more diversity in grinding but today on PVP2 a US player hit rear admiral. It took about a month. I think once more ships are added and sub levels of ships (i.e. Cerb is a weak 5th while Trinc is a stronger 5th). Ark Survival lost my interest because I was top level and bored in 2 weeks. Make the game more interesting but make it LONGER. I'm so tired of short games that end a week or a month after you get it.

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what all of you do not understand is the mode i'm talking about would increase population in the game by a lot and you don't like it you don't have to play it.



It would be basicly a tournament server.


One of you said that pirates was impossible to find groups and i never seen that problem with my guilds.   Maybe you were just with bad players that no one wanted to group with.


you look at other games that have auto ques and group fighting systems like world of tanks.  thats been running strong for over 5 years now.



this game could be better in my opinion but it needs the diversity to get there.



On this alternent server i came up with some new ideas.



autoque for 20 player free for all, in this mode everyone would start a set distance apart.  maybe limit this mode only to the smaller ships also.



10v10 autoque 


these modes would give those of us who want to play pvp fast a chance to play it the way we want and draw many more players in.



and then 2v2 and 3v3 tournaments where you chose your partners.  These would be massive bracket tournaments.



rewards would have to be worth while for this server and independent of the other servers so you players that like the game as it is now would not be affected.

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I can't believe I'm going to post this, but here we go.


In many cases, I think Carrabean: Blood & Gold has a better structure.


1) Balance the economy. You can actually make too much money too quick here.


2) Get rid of the basic/common/fine/exceptional. 

>Each boat has an initial cost. If you can buy it, you can sail it.

>If you can cap it, you can sail it, but sailors cost money (not as much as they do now) and you get only a set amount of freebies no matter the level (for argument sake, say 40)

>Available upgrade slots are limited by ship size. Cutters and lynx get 1 max, while SOL can have 5.

>>Upgrades cost money, or can be unlocked from loot. They attach to current ship and cannot me moved to another ship.

> Ammunition cost money. You ships will have a limited ammunition based on you current ship, and if you use it all up, your need to go to port and buy more.

> Ship can hold less repair kits.


Then what about levels?


Your leveling will be more like you officer. You will get points as you level to put into skills that can improve certain ship type function, or if your skill is too low in that type of ship, you suffer penalties. The ship types would be (Traders, Light, Frigate and SOL). On a ship, you might see frigate level 3 on it, so if you are frigate level 1 or 2 and man that boat, you suffer a (10% * level difference) penalty to steering, reloading, accuracy, speed. If you are above it, then you get a (5% * level difference) bonus. Maybe have each class have their own experience paths so if you're In a frigate, you get frigate experience.


The current ship rating, as you poorly word it in game, is mostly meaningless, and can be confusiong when it comes to the officer traits.

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