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Historical Age Of Sail Maneuvering During Battle


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Naval Action is about Age of Sail combat. Constitution presence is not inaccurate because she was a battle frigate that saw real combat many times. Thus it must be in the game even if some people want to only sail Pinta and Nino.

WHAT !!!  No Santa Maria

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Personally I like the idea of having ships like the Victory, Constitution, etc etc etc. Even though I'm more partial to the smaller vessels like the HMS Pickle for example. (which happens to be rather important ship in it's own right.) I also applaud the idea of ship loss. Once your ships is gone, it is gone for good. This will undoubtedly add to the entire combat experience. A number of people seem to disapprove of smaller or older ships fighting along side newer vessels. In the case of the Royal Navy, it relied upon a great number of older brigs, sloops, schooners, and sixth-rate vessels. So having all of these vessels in game will not necessarily be unhistorical. Having a fleet  made up of nothing but Pickle's and expecting to take on a fleet of Victory's is perhaps a tad ambitious. If you are in the Pickle, and your enemy the Constitution, I prey that the wind be on your side for a speedy exit. ;)


(Also, this thread just will not stay dead)

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An alternative to Mr Alessi's very good idea of separate servers: battle mode has all ships possible, can battle like for like or see just what advantages new designs had over their predecessors. Then in the sandbox version have a tighter focus on any given period.


That said, I quite like the different servers idea more! Also I'd quite like to point out that the decline in outright piracy is matched by a rise in smuggling, an utterly fascinating activity.Initial focus on the English Channel is a great shout for keeping a variety of interesting scenarios going on a realistic basis throughtout the period that ships mentioned so far cover :)



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