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A captains Life (Srory One .7)

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Charleston harbor was a collection of aromas. The sickly sweet swell of rotting fruit mixed with the perfumed ladies, tobacco, welcoming whores and sweating men. Laborers carried crates to and fro from the fat trade vessels. A slave ship had berthed beside the Rick Tiki, belching out her cargo of dazed humans. A long line of nearly dead black men and women passed along the dock beneath the bulkhead that Dupree leaned upon.


The sheer inhumanity of it stung Randolph’s gut. Blinking and emaciated they rose from the bowls of the slave scow. Any that lingered or hesitated were prodded, pushed or whipped. A chain ran the distance between each neck shackle; any man or woman that had not completing the voyage was represented by an empty collar. As many slaves passed, as did empty collars. One of the white slavers that flanked the procession looked directly at Dupree as he passed and smiled. Dupree spit without releasing eye contact. The slaver snickered looking away and shoved the closest slave to him forward. The parade of lost souls continued on until the scow was empty.


A representative of Mr. Mudd’s boarded later that day. A tall buxom woman dressed in blue from laced bonnet to painted toe. Her presence created quite a stir among the men. There was an almost immediate stoppage of work as she came on deck. Where once there was the racket of saws and hammers. There remained only the sound of the wind and her heels on the deck. At the time Dupree was attending to a cargo manifest. The lack of noise caused him to turn around. Seeing her for the first time, he was stunned by her beauty. She said nothing and waited to be addressed.


“Back to work men” Dupree ordered arranging his shirt and collar. “Welcome aboard the Ricki Tiki madam.” His words came out in a much more confident manner then he expected.


“Thank you captain, I believe you have a letter for Mr. Mudd” she extended her hand to receive the document.


For a moment Dupree almost thought about placing the document in those slender fingers. Then recovering his senses said “Would that I could” and winked. A small almost imperceptible smile came to her ruby lips. He continued, “I am afraid that I may only deliver it to Mr. Mudd myself…personally.”


“Then follow me captain I am sure he would want the pleasure of your company for dinner tonight.”


The mansion was settled on a hill overlooking Charleston harbor. They both entered and preceded directly to Mr. Mudd’s office located one story up. Books flanked the dark wood desk and leather chair that she sat in upon entering. Behind her was a portrait of a portly gentleman with a bulbous noise. The placard at the bottom the frame read; Mr. Garth Mudd. She removed her hat placing it gently on the end of the desk. She then looked up at the portrait and smiled.


“That Captain is my husband Garth…come follow me please.”


She led him into the next room that was empty except for a coffin placed in its center. The lid was open and the deceased that filled its construction was Mudd. She looked down at him with love.


“He wasn’t much to look at…I know, but he loved me so, so much and I guess I didn’t realize how much I loved him…until now…” she trailed off looking down at her late spouse. A tear came to her cheek which she wiped away briskly. She then extended her hand once again.


“The letter please captain”

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More please :D !

My feeling is that she is NOT a nice lady...but thats just a hunch..    :P

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