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[HOSP] Knights Hospitaller - British Faction - PVP2 - NOW RECRUITING

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To spank the ever-loving crap out of Spain for no particular reason but that they are near by our home port of Ile-a-Vache off the coast of Haiti. To enjoy the company of a tight group of friends while sailing the high seas. To be a threatening force against those that would appose us. GOD WILLS IT!!!


About Us


We are a gaming community, playing several games with a focus on a few at a time. As of right now and for the foreseeable future this game is our focus. Community members range in the hundreds while this game clan currently has about 20+ members. We've a dedicated Teamspeak 3 and a steam group used for organizing events. The maturity lvl ranges from family friendly to mature chat rooms. The make up of the community is primarily age 20's to 40's ranging from students, families, civilian and military.


What We Offer


Fun light-hearted community

Teamspeak for you and your friends (even if they're not in the clan)

Bring your kids to play (family friendly chat rooms)

Casual to hardcore players (Never feel like gaming is a job)

Personality trumps skill (no min rank to join)


Recruitment STATUS = OPEN





Friendly Attitude

Teamspeak 3

(Join us in chat when its convenient for you, talk to us, don't talk to us, join our chat room or a chat room of your own, it's up to you.)


Teamspeak // hospitaller431.ts.nfoservers.com


Jump into the 'Naval Action' chat room and ask to join.

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