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I am female. Yes FEMALE. I have been told by a player from my nation that I am not and that I am lying because this is not a game females play. I do play (and complain a lot (in a constructive way)) and I am female. Just shows what he knows.

It seems trivial writing this but hey why can't females want to play this game? I sail, small dinghies, nothing special, recreational mainly and one or two races so I like this game for the sailing aspect.

I don't know if there any other female players or even transgendered players sailing around in this game. I hope so. As such I would like to draw to the attention of the forum and game moderators, you have missed us out. In your rules of conduct for chat and forum you mention discrimination against, race, religion, sexual orientation but no gender. An simple unintentional overlook I am sure. Can we put it in please, Thank you.

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All Captains are required to treat each other with respect.  Just because gender isn't listed under Rule #3 does not mean that harassing or abusing others based on their gender is acceptable.


Female gamers experience an extremely high rate of harassment, misogynistic comments, etc.  In some cases, it forces them to hide, in others, they just prefer not to play games at all.


Everyone is welcome in Naval Action, period.  Players who can not be respectful to their fellow gamers absolutely will have their ability to chat or post removed in very short order.


With that said, the described activity is not, in and of itself, a violation of the rules (to the degree that it warrants action on Game Labs' part).   Treat this post, however, as a warning that harassing others on the basis of their gender (or claimed gender) will not be tolerated.

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