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The Voodoo Shipping Company - For Rum, Wenches, & Freedom! [PVP Rats]

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Contact @Christendom for all sailors wishing to come aboard.





















Glory. Adventure. Riches untold. Rum. Do all of these sound as good to you as they do to us?



Does freedom flow through your veins (as do your love of the sea)?

Do you seek not just a great sailing experience, but a GRAND one?



If yes to any or all of the above, BATTEN DOWN YER HATCHES AND HOIST SAIL!






Based out of where the wind blows, the Voodoo Shipping Company (VCO) is seeking sailors of all experience and fancies




- be they of the shallow or deepwater sailing, merchanting or exploring ilk-

to be a part of our crew.










- Active, dedicated leadership who put their crew before themselves



- An excellent, community oriented atmosphere for players both new and old (because friendship is the best ship)

- An "in" on the political scene; we love the metagame! Proud members of the Association of United Society Leaders.

- Readily available opportunities for fleet leadership and one-on-one leadership development

- Fleet nights! Including (but are not limited to): sea patrol, mission running, port battles, trade runs and more!




Join us for our fleet operations nights! All are welcome!





Schedule: Upon Whims


Discord: Contact @Christendom

TS: See Above



Company Officers

Christendom - Lead


Lord Amplify of key west


Forlorn Hope

Dusty Attenborough









The Voodoo Shipping Company: Delivering Freedom Across The Caribbean, One Broadside at A Time


Est. 2010



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Our first night is tomorrow! Expecting a turnout of at least two full squadrons of six ships each, to be led by two separate squadron commanders and coordinated by an overall fleet commander!

The event is open to the public and interested potential new members alike! Starting 8 PM ET on ts.voodooshipping.net, departing Key West.

If any dirty Spaniards or pirates would also like to meet us at that specified time, well, you know where to find us. To the good fight, gents.

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Fleet nights have been outstanding thus far - just tonight, we ran two full squadrons of six each, commanded by newly qualified Battle Group Commander Everfalling! Under his command, VCO (alongside support from SOL) lead the attack on the British port of Chinchillo, successfully capturing it for the United States.


Recruitment is still going strong as always! Next fleet night is this Tuesday at 8 PM ET, all are welcome to join in!

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Company updates:


1. The Company will have shifted it's homeport and the majority of all operations from Key West to Tumbado by the end of the weekend. All members of the fleet will be given any assistance needed in setting up their outposts, moving goods, etc (just hop in TS and ask whoever else is on!).


2. Forward outposts in Atwood have begun construction in order to counter British aggression in the southern Bahamas.


Finally, congrats to our newest rated squadron commander, Davison! He'll be making a great contribution to our growing leadership corps as time goes on.


(also approaching +40 members soon!)

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Public update: we're still going strong and having a great time out here in Tumbado! With clan assets being built up and our members leveling up together every night, things are looking wonderful for the future.

The doors are still open and always will be - hop on TS and join us for one of our fleet nights to see what kind of excitement and fun the Voodoo Shipping Company can bring to you!

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To repost the clan mail sent tonight in the public's eye:




BRAVO ZULU at Mariel. Job well done.

The Voodoo Shipping Company has now proven itself a combat ready organization, fully capable of overwhelming victory despite the odds. The 11 deepwater ships in the Spanish Defense Fleet, who arrived and stood ready from the very beginning of the battle, were trounced - six of them now lay on the bottom (two of those being Trincomalees), with the remaining five fleeing after taking heavy damage.

VCO losses numbered exactly one and due to no fault of his own - Luxato bravely sacrificed himself in the chaotic opening exchange, being one of the first ships in to the first tower as well as of the first to engage the Spanish fleet. A special kudos to him.

Finally, the decisive and outstanding leadership displayed by Battle Group Commander Everfalling was of the finest degree and greater than any fleet could ask for - I have nothing but the utmost respect for the performance he gave tonight.

Excellent work, all. Here's to the next one.

Company Director
Voodoo Shipping Company



Screenshots shall be posted by tomorrow evening. Again, BZ to all members of the VCO fleet, and a special thanks to clans NPG, FORGE, SOL, and USMC for their participation.

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Welcome to PvP1 


I see that members of your clan have already shed (pixelated) blood with other PvP1 American players in the defense of United States ports.

Thank you for this.


I look forward to sailing together with your members in the defense of the United States.

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Hey folks! Just an update post here,

Things have been going great on PVP1, with most folks now being firmly established in Cabo with both ships and local production buildings. We've been having a hell of a lot of fun fighting the rats in the war too!

Our doors are still open as always! Join us tonight for fleet night, starting at 8 PM ET in our TS!

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Bump! Sure has been awhile since the last post, but we're still alive and kicking! An update for you all:

Throughout the past month of April, we've been performing intensive focus on ranking up in both combat as well as crafting XP in the relatively safe harbor of Calciseu, Louisiana (which also happens to be our new primary homeport for resource and ship production). 


Our reasoning is as such: in order to thrive in the long term as well as acquire the ability to truly fight in a serious war, we need both the captains to sail the big ships as well as the shipwrights to make said ships! Objectives to which, over the course of April, we have accomplished both.


That said, we have now returned to the front and taken the fight directly to the enemy! Outposts have been established within the Mortimer Town neighborhood, and PVP plus commerce raiding is being performed nearly every other day. 

Now is a better time than ever to join the Voodoo Shipping Company today! Join us for near nightly operations, or on our fleet operations schedule for a grand old time!

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BUMP. We hereby abandon our own bylaws. The Company is alive and well, and graciously accepting all those who embrace freedom and liberty. Take what ye can, give nothing back.

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