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[SWE] - Swedish Royal Navy - (PVP3 EU / International)

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[sWE] Swedish Royal Navy


PVP3 - EU - Sverige 


Ohoy! Recruiting brave captains to defend the Swedish crown in the Caribbean, we seek everyone from casual PVE/Traders to hardcore PVP/Grinders. Goal is to get to know eachother and take ports / events / pvp / pve / trade / craft + rank up while having fun.


We started as a pure swedish speaking clan on the server made by some Naval Action swedish fans. But we made the decision quite quick to go international.


18 captains in our fleet sofar! //To be updated


If interested to know more, contact us here on the forum with PM or ingame or head over to our new clan forum.



We also got our own Discord channel and have both swe/eng speaking international fleet rooms. (Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming. )


Kronan, Kommendörkapten of the Swedish Royal Navy Carribean operations!


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