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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We hereby announce the first British Council meeting.

This is a joint effort between AUSEZ and RGL.

The British Nation needs a global strategy. Therefore we would like to organize a Council of all British Fleets. This Council would enable us to unite the British Nation and focus on a global common strategy.

We invite all British Fleets who are interested in cooperation to join this meeting.

British clans that have been invited directly via other means so far are as follow:

RGL - Royal German Legion

AUSEZ - Australian Colonial Navy

SLRN - Sea Lords Royal Navy

SINK - Barely Afloat

BWITC - British West Indies Trading Company

TRR - The Rum Runners

SGS - St.Georges Squadron of White

SOGGY - Soggy Biscuits

Other clans that have been invited, but have unable to get a hold of; in quick notice are as followed:

Relic - Relic Gaming

RD - Royal Dogs

ZEUS - The Zeus Gamming Community

DRUNK - Drunken Sailors

The meeting will take place in the Teamspeak of the RGL on Sunday, the 21st February 2016 at 9 pm GMT.

IP: PW: 0815

To keep the Council well-structured please sent only two representatives of your Fleet.

The council will meet every week at time and place above. New British clans are invited and may join the council.

Point of contact:

Wang (AUSEZ)

Sir James Alexander Gordon (RGL)

Saintus Gordon Smith (RGL)

Edited by Sir James Alexander Gordon
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Massive Success!

The clan leaders and diplomats from majority of British clans sat and meet for a hour to discuss our national interests. 


A quick list of the clans present


AUSEZ - The Australian Colonial Navy

BWITC - British West indies Trading Company

BTN - The Order of Beltaine

RGL - Royal German Legion

RD - Royal Dogs

SLRN - Sea Lords Royal Navy

SINK - Barely Afloat

SOGGY - Soggy Biscuit 

TRR - The Rum Runners


Some of the broad strokes from this meeting.

- All inter-clan/political discussion will be completely stopped in Britain chat
- Arrangement of clan positioning to maximize our fronts

- All clans agreed to French, Swedish non-aggression

- The 'Spanish issue'  has been resolved between the clans


This will strengthen our nation massively,  before we were divided, now are are one.


If Britain was intimidating earlier, you have only tasted what we are capable of.  We shall rule the sea's as it has always been, and will always be.


Edited by Wang
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