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Barrett's Privateers - Britain [PVP2]

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Barrett’s Privateers

God damn them all!
I was told we'd cruise the seas for American gold
We'd fire no guns-shed no tears
Now I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier
The last of Barrett's Privateers.

Barrett’s Privateers is now recruiting! We are a Naval Action clan that is dedicated to the glories of the King and our Empire. We have a dedicated TeamSpeak and are looking for new members. Barrett’s Privateers is also part of Royalty Gaming, a multi-gaming community with a large member base that plays many different games including World of Tanks, Wargame Red Dragon, World of Warships, and Armored Warfare.

Barrett’s Privateers current goals in Naval Action are to establish a secure hub along the coast of Central America and to assist our brothers in arms in the glory of the Empire. Our members are committed to crafting, trading and raiding. And above all cruising the seas for American gold.

Barrett’s Privateers Letter of Marque
 Team play is crucial
 Players must use TeamSpeak
 All members are required to be civil and treat each other with respect

Operational Waters
Barrett's Privateers is a member of the ISSB Coalition and operates out of Central America.

To join contact James Kirk, John Bernard Shaw Cable, or Tsa Volrae in game or on our TeamSpeak: royaltygaming.typefrag.com:6990

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