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I am also having the same issue and I have seen a couple players on the steam forums with the same problem.


It is looking like there is an auto-ban if you are reported in chat and it seems there is an abuse of it going on.


The only situation that I can think of that got me a reported was that me and several (about 5) other players were having a discussion on real world issues, and an actual civil disscusion. 2 other players spammed the chat, not wanting to hear our discussion, and said they reported us.


I will be very upset if this does not get fixed. I have been playing and supporting this game sense sea trials and have never acted outside of the community guidelines. I will submit a ticket but this could be the end of NA for me. I have seen a serious drop in the quality of the in game community since steam access. I am hoping it is just a Great Brit nation problem and I will be switching to Spain once my chat is restored to see if it is any better.

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