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Hans Majestäts Kaparflotta ( HMK ) (PvP1 EU) (Sweden)

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Hmk wants to welcome the following captains. Both new captains  and old friends from old who joined us ( in no special order)


  • Nisse Hultenlöw
  • Elune Baq
  • Holger Huggtand
  • Stiernklinga
  • Ribbenholt
  • Totmess LeGaard
  • Carl von Nordensköld
  • GP
  • Gustavs Wasa
  • Carl von Engström
  • Constance Bonacieux
  • Miggy Granat
  • Erik Hell
  • Gideon Kreuger
  • Edwin af Yrvind
  • Leijonstråle
  • Marcus von Löwen
  • Claas Uggla
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For any1 that wanna go hardcore. And rly have a juicy apple to bite on. A real challenge. Then you should join Sweden. And if you join Sweden, I can rly rec. these guys. A small tight nit group. With good and helpfull leadership. Mature players with zero drama. I haven't regretted a second that I join them and look forward to sail the high seas with these guys for a long time.

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