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Port Battles and NPC Reinforcemnts

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Hello all,


I understand the NPC Reinforcement mecanic as a tool to prevent ganking. This is a good idea.




In Port Battles it is not good. In prevents PvP in front of the port battle.


When you attack Port, you want to blocade this Port to prevent the enemy to get reinforcments to this Port.

But you cant do that. If a Blocadeing Fleet is attacking a Defender, this Defender will call NPC Fleet and run away. So there is no PvP at all. The only thing that will happen is, that you will delay the Defender for 3 minutes. There is no way to intercept him at all. This is a bit frustrating, if you gather about 50 people and half of the guys cant play effectivliy at all. Fighting NPC ships is not what you want to do when you attack a port. It should be PvP and not 25 doing PvP in port battle and the rest is fighting NPC reinforcements while the players are running away.


Why do you have to ship to the port as Attacker or Defender. If there is no chance in effectively blocking a Port is just useless.

Then you just can teleport to this Port as game mecanic, like in an other sailing ship game we all know. ;)


I dont think, this mecanic is meant this way, or am i wrong?


My sugestion: If a Port is under attack, the Port cant send reinforcement, because the port is blockaded by a battle.

So no NPC reinforcments should be available at conquested ports.


What do you guys think about it?


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I think it's a well intended mechanic that is, in its current implementation, terrible. A few Ideas I had about it:

1. Completely remove it except for the starting capital city


2. massively reduce the range except around the starting capital city. 


3. as OP stated disable it for the port being attacked when the conquest flag goes up, along with immunity and invulnerability and all entry into the port until the battle is over.

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