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Where has all the Merc BPs gone?

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I heard someone mention that they will be adjusting - well I mean they have to, significant RNG isn´t really acceptable in a game like this. I suggest they go even further, I´m not a fan of ´mini-games´and the like but I do think they should consider some options to make crafting more about being a shipwright, an artesan, and less about just clicking on boxes. Easier said than done I know, here are some thoughts off the top of my head -


1. Dry dock management - resource acquisition would be only part of the focus - you would have to manage dry dock employees and could choose to spend more than the minimum requirement for each resource/component to get a slightly increased chance of those components converting into better ship attributes, higher chance of creating a ship 1 lvl higher than the one you selected, as well as increased chance of dropping crafting notes and BPs.

It would be a risk, but would give more advanced players the chance to get BPs based on their experience and investment, as opposed to RNG.


2. Ship building mini game - as I said before, I´m not a fan of this idea, but I think all options should be discussed. Implement some kind of mini-game where I can take certain risks/management decisions whilst building the ship to increase the chance of the benefits I mentioned before, always with a risk.


3. Cumulative increase in chance of dropping CN/BP based on crafting XP.


More to come...

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I've built a 3 pickles, 3 Cerbs, 2 cutters, 2 trade cutters and broke up about 15 ships and NO BP's!  the only BP's I've gotten are the level up BP's!!!!!



Dev's please do something about this!


and if anyone has a Merc BP to sell please message me on PvE thanx!

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