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Tactical victory, strategic defeat at Macanao (PvP 3 EU)

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Today evening, as the indefatigable officers of the United Provinces Royal Navy were trying to assemble a worthy fleet to take another deep water port for our great cause, a courier ship arrived from the recently captured Cumana, carrying the terrible news: the fierce and rapidly expanding Sverige has assembled an assault fleet against Macanao, a spanish, but unpleasantly close port.


The officers made a quick decision: the gathering fleet has to intercept the swedish group, and force them into battle, preferably before they reach their destination.


The preparations did not go well, the fleet was still assembling when the rally point was changed to La Tortuga, a nearby shallow water port, west of Macanao. Our fleet was scattered by a storm on the way, and the rally took just a little bit too long. We reached Macanao with our own capture order just as the victorious swedish fleet was exiting the port after its fall. They immediately engaged us in a fierce battle, where the dutch fleet had a slight advantage in both ships and firepower, as, against the swedish frigate fleet, we deployed a 3rd rate ship of the line, as well as several Constitution class heavy frigates.


The swedes did not waste their time, they immediately tried to break through our line and separate our biggest ships. However, our line held the attack, as the battleship managed to evade the attacking enemy column, while our frigates' superior firepower showed itself. Here, I would like to thank our two brave captains, NLguinessNL and Skinner, who showed great bravery in the thick of battle, and led their ships right into the middle of the attacking viking fleet, causing great confusion and preventing their front units from retreating. Several swedish vessels were majorly damaged and had to withdraw from the battle, while their comerades were suffering under our more and more unbearable fire.


As the swedish group turned against the wind, our line followed them, causing minor collisions in the process. The fleet managed to single out a few more of the routing swedish ships, but by the time the battle ended, our attack order expired, the new orders from the Admiralty commanded us to regroup and brace for another possible battle.


There can be no doubt, we will be ready.



Dutch: 3x 5th rate ships 2x 7th rate ships

Sverige: 8x 5th rate ships


EDIT: battle aftermath, we killed one of the survivors at the very end of the battle.

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