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Well this is sort of a follow on of my clan mission assist bonus idea but instead of me throwing my ideas at you I want your ideas.


I didn't really see anything about this so I'm going to start it myself.

I will update this post with the titles of all the ideas people made along with the names of owe posted it.

And when we have enough we can have a poll to see what would be best first.


So the premise is clan based suggestions that would not only encourage players to play as group but also make the game a more enjoyable experience for all of us,


so what ideas have you got?



  • Clan Mission assist [John_Run]
  • ?
  • ^
  • ^
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I will start with the idea I'm doing on my other post so not to recap to much i will just do a quick summery of it


Clan mission assist

A bonus for clan members that or helping other clan members in their missions,

This would encourage players to join/create clan's and play more as a community

This can be done in a way that that it is a nice little bonus but isn't completely over powered,

By giving a percentage of XP/gold depending on the BR rating of the enemy.


sorry that ended up being long winded  :P

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