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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there! I love what you have done so far and since it is your creation and your creative vision, I hesitate to critique it. Please see this piece as just a personal wish list / feedback on my part and in no way meant to be harmful, insulting or in bad faith. Furthermore, English is not my first language and my proficiency in it is far from perfect, so I beg for leniency if something might be formulated in a wired way. The shorts: 1. I wish that there was a borderless window option. 2. It would be very convenient to be able to double click on the “Enemy smoke spotted…” message and jump the camera to the location. 3. Maybe it would be a good idea to implement warnings for “pitch” and “roll” of a design, like with fore/aft. 4. Would it be possible to mark the changes in hull size with some kind of bar or line on the tonnage slider? 5. It would be nice, if one could type in the tonnage, speed etc. as one is able to with armor thickness. 6. A clarification for win conditions on the naval academy would be great. Sometimes they are “AND” and other types” OR”. 7. A statistical summary after battles would be wonderful. Like which ship sunk which and which type of armament of which ship did damage, fire etc. More general ones: Please allow for more player choice Limiting player choice is frustrating, at least to me. Of cause I see the merits of blocking out future tech and hulls, but as player I feel I should be able to use obsolescent technologies. As the player I wish I was able to use for example coal fired engines, Lyddite I and outdated hulls are armor to simulate refits and modernized old warships. Maybe even, if possible, outdated armament. Blocking out future technology and hulls, why would you do this as a developer? It’s an honest question of mine and not meant in a divisive way. I saw there was an option to use a developer mode in the past, would it be possible to bring that back? That is it for now and thank you for reading! thewolfpack
  2. I feel a little presumptuous being so new around here, but since my son bought me this game I play it an awful lot (as well as a bunch of other combat sims) and put together a laundry list of items that I thought would be nice to see in future versions. I haven’t spent enough time in the forum yet to know if any of these have already been covered, so I apologize in advance if I’m going over old ground but I LOVE THIS GAME and want to help it really succeed. -saving ship designs. Perhaps even a format for sharing them? -battle playback. Sometimes action is so fast and furious that I can’t keep up with the data reports coming in. What caused my ship to just detonate?, etc.. Also extremely useful for those of us who like to make media with this fantastic looking game. -a library of pre-built historical ships (Hood, Bismarck, Mikasa, Oslyabya, Potemkin, Olympia, Maine, et al.) -a library of notable battles, you can choose a side and your ship and/or fleet is ready to go. Manila Bay, Tsushima, Jutland, Denmark Strait, Leyte Gulf…. -an ‘offset’ option for fine tuning placement of parts once mounted for better ship balance and fit. -a color picker for hull and parts. How else to build the Great White Fleet? The Russian 2nd Pacific Squadron? -unlocking all hulls is great, but what about towers? Sometimes you need a cage mast on a 130,000 ton hull. I’m also often wishing there were more mounting options for these and barbettes. -’advanced’ level ship of design where major internal components could be arranged, magazines, machinery, boilers, coal/fuel bunkers, to better stabilize your ship. I guess that is implied by placement of funnels, turrets etc., but might be nice to be able to slide things around a bit below decks. Also would be nice to clearly visually show where armor belts and extensions are located and x-ray view of your ship, a la WarThunder, maybe even adjust placement of them to better protect your vitals or save some weight. -being able to to pick the time/weather at the start of a battle. Also, night actions with searchlights? -pre-battle arrangement of fleet. I now make it a practice to start my fleet actions at near maximum range, just to give my ships time to get into a formation of my choosing rather than random. Would be great if there was a screen where I could quickly set my formations and divisions up before spawning, so they were ready for action right away. -actual smoke on the northern horizon? Helpful in anticipating direction/speed of enemy fleet movement. -key bindings for game speed? Or for everything else for that matter. I use ctrl-alt-shift-z ALL the time… would be nice to be able to just assign it to a single key. -I love that the ricochet shells are so nicely animated, but it’s weird that they don’t splash when they hit the sea. In general the water looks terrific, but the splashes are sort of ‘thin’ and the particles extra large. I am not a programmer so I don’t know if this is a limitation of unity, but secondary splashes and more damaged debris flying off from major hits would be nice to see. Knocked over masts and spars, wrecked superstructure and turrets, holes in funnels, smashed lifeboats all could enhance the visual experience. -no matter how many bulkheads I put in my vessels, they have the same number of lines in the damage graphic. I love the way the graphics are not generic and show your (or targets’) exact ship, so I thought this would be a nice but not too difficult addition. -incoming shellfire sounds seem also ‘thin’. I keep expecting to hear the whooshing oncoming freight train roar of large shells overhead. -would be great if flooding damage affected ship stability and vessels would roll over and sink upside down (with still spinning propellers) due to becoming unbalanced. -Amphibious operations and land battles. I play a lot of Napoleon TW with The Great War mod, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth. And no way to simulate Russo-Japanese War. So a component (or separate game?) covering late 19th and early 20th Century ground operations would be just fantastic. Hell I'd pay a lot for just a Port Arthur sim. Naval bombardment, fortress construction, mining, tunneling... -spotting aircraft that could increase long range accuracy. -AIRSHIPS!!! (armed with bombs or for spotting)-maybe that one should be a different game… Anyway, thank you devs for this much needed sim!!
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