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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, just a new player here who enjoys the game but wishes to provide some feedback. At some point the following may have been suggested already or may be in game and I haven't found out yet. Controls: Guess I'll start with formations and the "lead ship". Besides detaching a ship from a division, is there a better way to take control over a ship? There also seems to be an issue with ships slowing down from their max speed if another ship in the formation gets nailed, is there a way to prevent that? I also have a hard time with moving ships around in the divisions so maybe adding a
  2. I had the chance to play the game several times today and I will say that it is very nice and satisfies me , I have a few suggestions about the game and these are the things that other players probably want First of all, the ships we know from the world of warships should come to the French tree, I think they are quite aesthetic and beautiful bkz jean bart or alsace.... During the few games I played, I realized that there was only stagnant air, maybe atlantic fleet was playing there are all kinds of weather and we could choose it UAD may be nice to arrive also talking about the ships can be v
  3. Some of you would know I mentioned that the weather appears to have been locked in scenarios. Doesn't matter what I play, I get a net +2.5% (I think the values for the 4 factors are 0, +5%, 0, -2.5% from memory). I raised this in the 'Support' forum to check if it was intentional, unintentional or a problem solely with my game installation. Here's the latest: Doesn't really tell us if it was intentional, but that hardly matters. Posted here just FYI. Cheers
  4. I'd like weather. I got into RTWs again and I just sank two battleships with my 4 torpedoboats in thick, thick fog. I would like night combat, combat in heavy fog, cloud and fog banks, rain, sun glare, etc.
  5. I'm trying not to be too peeved and failing dreadfully. I am sick and tired of trying to make my way around in open world with 10 feet of visibility around my ship. I'm 2 km from Williamsburg and still can't find the entrance, playing bump-and-grind with the shore. Do the developers think it is fun or smart to finally have players log off and play something else while the weather clears? We don't have grid references and in bad weather we don't have land references. I've sometimes had to log out and back in just to get that two seconds of clarity before the rain descends. Realistic to fo
  6. I'm not sure maybe it's an issue with my monitor or my graphic settings but I sometimes have the feeling, even it's not a rainy day in game, that I'm sailing in the English Channel instead of the Caribbean as the sky is almost grayish, overcast and murky. I miss sailing in scorching heat, bright sunshine under a clear blue sky I know not every day in the Caribbean is a sunny day but a nice mix between cloudy and sunny days would be sweet
  7. Guys, I'm not going to beat about the bush. Your weather algorithm sucks. Storms that stay for days are just not realistic for the region. This morning we had a storm that continued for over 4 game days and didn't move. I know because I had to heave to as I had literally zero viz. Trying to find white crosses was impossible. after two hours or so I logged and went to mow my yard. Came back after about an hour and a half, login in, sail east for about 10 minutes or so and bam, another storm, zero viz. We would all like to see heavy seas etc but storms move you know? They rarely sit sti
  8. Stormy weather is nice,realistic and very welcome from time to time and for short period. Playing for 30 min in stormy weather it's not fun at all, makes me close naval action, and play other games, or post in this forum till the storm passes by. Anyone agrees?
  9. As the question to the captains sailing around you and you'll likely get different answers. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14792-pvp1-june-22nd-the-foggy-dance-at-bone-cay/ It appears the weather isn't synced properly across clients. I don't care whether we have regional or global weather, but two ships sailing next to one-another must have the same weather conditions. It appears to me weather conditions are sent to a client over an unreliable channel, while for example chat is sent over a reliable one. Before, say, wind strength changes are introduced, this should b
  10. Wind http://imgur.com/NT2Xp79 Sea Currents http://imgur.com/YfObbLt The screenshots shown in the links above, represent the wind and currents in the real world corresponding with the game world. Maybe these could be implemented in one way or another. Cause, eternally counter-clockwise turning wind is not very authentic. Fair Winds, and Happy Sailing Yngvarr
  11. Whats with the crazy long storms that not only dont seem to end but they also reduce visibility to zero,, dont get me wrong, I actually crew a real life square rigged ship as a voulenteer,, but honestly its a game,, and hours long storms make the game a bit unplayable,,
  12. I've been watching my wind gauge when OW sailing for a while now and as far as I can tell the wind only EVER backs (moves anti-clockwise)!!!! It backs at a constant rate I'd like to see the wind in OW veer sometimes and not to change direction at such a predictable rate.
  13. Had a quick search for weather suggestions, came up blank (assume there are some though)... Thoroughly enjoying the game. I really like sim games and realism in my games, I'm especially fond of the Arma series, so map reading and navigation was a skill that could really turn the tide of a battle. I've a couple of suggestions for adding realism to the Open World. I would like to see areas of the Open World that have very different weather, including wave height, wind strength and tidal influences, some of these effects should be so strong as to actually damage, wreck or throw your s
  14. A couple updates ago there were major improvements made to the weather within the game. Besides the occational storm and periodical fog, there is mist that raises above the sea and visibility has been reduced due to humidity in the air. Very nice touches. To make the game even more realistic, how about considering some of the following ideas? - Completely clear sunny days with no humidity providing perfect vision until the horizon. It does happen in real life. Those are the days we dream about. - Days (or a few minutes, at least) with no wind. Add a feature to send the long boats out
  15. Hello, lets talk about wind and how it should effect the ship. I personally do not enjoy current ship reaction to the wind and sea. I know it is very early stage of development and some parts of this are simply absent atm. That is why I think we need to address these important features before they slip away. I would like to see some "wind force" levels in this game and would like to experience the true power of the ocean. Suggested chart: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/faq/tornado/beaufort.html Each level of wind force should be displayed inside a small icon on the screen.
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