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Found 3 results

  1. The romanticized memory of 2.5k players and server split often comes up during various discussions around here. It's usually brought up when the discussion contestants are already thoroughly dug in and is almost always used to strengthen one's own point of view. I've long wondered if we would be able to discuss this without becoming entirely entrenched and thus rendering the discussion pointless? We have several camps of players where the lines between the camps are sometimes blurred, so attempts at classifying players would be somewhat simplified or academic. You could start with pro-PvP and pro-PvE oversimplification. Most posters wouldn’t feel comfortable with that at all so we need to introduce more groups like role-players, simmers, war-gamers, MMO’ers, PvP-on-demand (arena) and so on. Even that wouldn’t be enough because many players feel they swing-role and don’t want to be put in one single constrictive group. You can put me in one single group as this whole experience has driven me into the PvP-on-demand group. ------------- We’ve been told the approximate number of buyers and many of us experienced the number of concurrent players who tried out NA at EA release. There are things we don’t know but have strong and biased opinions about: What is the normal and inevitable player fall-off after EA or release hype? Was NA player fall-off normal or exaggerated? If we lost more players “than necessary” then why? Like everyone else I wish that we had a million billion players, a large contingent of concurrent players fixes every and all our problems, or so we like to think. Oh! There are other pertinent questions than the ones listed above, I wanted to leave room for other posters to put them forth and I wanted to avoid wall-of-text. -------------- If I’m having a bad day I might say that I think we have all the players we can hope to ever get that are willing or able to derive fun from eco or PvE grindy play. An easy conclusion for me because I’ve never understood nor experienced fun in that manner. That says nothing about the world, though, it’s only a snapshot of one single individual. I go on to assume that most people are like me and that I have the most effective solution to player recruitment and retention. Pretty insane, right? I’m also able to find issues within my own camp. I actually think the fighting mechanics in NA are hard enough to exclude derpy pley4fun peeps. Even without incurring eco grinding penalties it’s hard for herp-a-derp autoskipper captains to get a sense of achievement in the PvP part of NA. I celebrate this even if I’m aware it turns away an unknown amount of recruits. This is intended almost from the very beginning but many posters here have varying degrees of uneasiness towards low server pop which leads us to varying degrees of willingness to make concessions to recruit and retain players. -------------- This discussion has the potential to devolve into the shit show it often does. But then it won’t take much self-deprecation and restraint to be able to have an actual discussion instead of the habitual trench war. It is an interesting question, isn’t it?
  2. From the PRO in Kew, Reference numbers ADMI/507, XC 22779A "[To:] Honorable Alexander Cochrane, K.B. Admiral of the Red, and Commander in Chief, , Etc, etc, Superb at Halifax 15th November, 1814. Sir, It is with extreme regret I do myself the honor to transmit to you herewith, a copy of a letter and its enclosures dated the 11th Ultimo, which I have received from Captain Hope of His Majesty's Ship Endymion detailing the particulars of a gallant but unsuccessful attack made by the boats of that ship under the direction of Lieutenants Hawkins, Armond, and Fanshaw on an enemy privateer, under circumstances so trying and difficult as to reflect the highest credit on the officers and men engaged in the occasion and whilst I deplore with Captain Hope the loss of so many valuable lives it is a consolation to [illegible] the spirit with which the attack was renewed affords an ample proof off the determined coolness and bearing of the officers and men, and that valor of His Majesty's Subjects was ... displayed. ... I have the honor to be, Sir, your most obedient humble servant Henry Hotham, Rear Admiral" Hope's Letter: "Copy, Henry Hotham, Rear Admiral His Majesty's Ship Endymion Off Nantucket, 11th October, 1814. Sir, I have the honor of informing you that yesterday returning to my station, a ship and a schooner were discovered to the Westward of Nantucket nearly becalmed under the low land endeavoring to pass between that island and the southern shoals. From the offing we continued to chase them until evening. The wind then entirely left us as it had previously done with the vessels in shore, who had made no progress whatever. I sent all boats under the command of Lieutenants Hawkins, Armond and Fanshaw. In approaching the ship, an alarm was fired; the boats had been previously rowing up under a shoal and had not felt the effects of a rapid tide which they almost instantaneously became exposed to; the second barge, in taking the station assigned by Lieutenant Hawkins, on the schooner's starboard bow, having her larboard oars shot away instantaneously was swept by the stream athwart the first barge, thereby all the boats became entangled, and it is with extreme concern I acquaint you that the attack was in consequence at the moment was only partially made. Notwithstanding this disadvantage at the first .... and every exertion that human skill and determined bravery could devise was resorted to , to revive the contest and they succeeded in again getting alongside, but not in the positions intended; their failure therefore is to be ascribed in the first instant to the velocity off the tide, the height of the vessel's side, not having channel plates to assist the men in getting on her deck and her very superior force. (A schooner of the largest dimensions, the Prince de Neufchatel, three hundred and twenty tons, eighteen guns, long nine and twelve pounders, with a complement of one hundred and forty men of all nations, commanded by Mons. Jean Ordsonaux) the boats painter now being shot away, they again fell astern without ever being able to repeat the attack, and with great difficulty regained the ship, with the exception of the second barge which I have every reason to believe sunk alongside the schooner. In transmitting this report, I can not help but deplore the unhappy issue of the enterprise, it would be great injustice to the officers and men of the boats if I omitted to say that their bravery and coolness is deserving every praise, I therefore sir beg to impress you with the belief that in no instance could either the officers and men have conducted themselves with greater determination than on the present occasion. I lament exceedingly the deaths of Lieutenant Hawkins, and Mr. Dalzeel, midshipman, who fell early in the action with many other seamen and marines. Enclosed you will find a return of the killed and wounded. the ship that was in company with the privateer is the Douglass at Nantucket on their parole. Signed Henry Hope. From Lieutenant Armond I learn that as much as we have suffered on this occasion, the enemy's loss was still greater, fifteen only of their crew having escaped the well directed and devastating fire from the boats." [Note: then followed a detailed list of the casualties by name, which I will omit.] Total Killed ,17 Total wounded and died of wounds, 45 [including the surgeon, severely wounded!] Total killed and wounded, 62." Here is the entry of the Captain's log of the Endymion, 11 Oct., 1814, reference ADM51/ 2324 XC1084: "At 4 light airs and variable. Calm and fine. out boats. sent them manned and armed with 105 men and officers in chase of the schooner, which we supposed to be a privateer and her prize and anchored S.W. from the S. end of Nantucket. Burnt blue lights and rockets to send our position to the boats. The enemy opened a fired on the boats which continued 20 minutes. Midnight calm and fine. 3 AM calm and fine. The launch, barge, cutter and gig returned being repulsed by the enemy with the loss of 10 killed and 31 wounded, lieuts Hawkins, Armond, 4 mids and 30 seamen and marines missing with our yawl. Daylight weighed and hoisted in the boats, and made all sail to the westward
  3. Guilty-pleasure-super-edgy Sorry, not sorry. And now, serious face: I remember the idea of the privateer career parallel to the naval career was put forth as ways of playing this game. I just can't remember why the naval career path was cancelled, and I do think I pay attention to the goins on in here. Anyone know or remember? I mean, I can guess that it has something to do with the economy being offended by it. I may be naive, but I'm frantically looking for ways to avoid the eco time sink and the faint memory of the naval career popped up.
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