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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys, after latest economy patch and denomination, the market is trying to settle down and stabilise. Some facts about what happened / changed by developers : * Our gold denominated by 1/25th by developers into Reals. * New currency introduced, Dubloons. Historical value of 1 dubloons = 39 reals. So now stabilising down to 1 dubloons = 50-60 reals in capitols. I guess developers will ensure it will stabilise around 1 dubloons = 40 reals by controlling dubloons flow into NA world. * Crafting now requires dubloons for above and including 4th rate ships. So ship prices increased. * Economy resource farming has been much more difficult due to increased labour hour requirements and labour hour exchange fixed rate of 1LH = 400 dubloons in Admirality. * Pvp marks being very valuable just turned into dust, no value. Many pvp rewards now much cheaper and easier to acquire by dubloons, they are not pvp rewards anymore. * Admirality ships can be bought with dubloons. Current Situation about Economy : * Players did not know how to react to new reals and dubloons. * Unreal prices for ships and upgrades as contracts has been observed heavily. * Actually 1/25 was incorrect information, that is what developers did to our golds as just a number, reality was much different. What really happened : * A shop frigate (crewspace / random wood) used to be 112k gold. It became 12k reals. As for affording this ship, 112k / 25 = 4,5k was expected. New frigate price is 12k instead of 4,5k which is 3 times more than what it should be. So Shop NPC Ship price scale, actual denomination was 1/10 but our gold had been denominated into reals by 1/25 ! * So a player 5th rate used to sell for 500k old gold currency, now should be 50k reals on npc ship price scale. A first rate around 5 million should be 500k, but it is not. WHY ? Because labour hours are much difficult to acquire, resources difficult to acquire, dubloons needed for bigger ships. Let's go with 1 dubloon = 50 reals scale as it is coming around to that value. * Let's check a 1st rate ship; 1st rate ship, L'Ocean 9200 dubloons = 460k reals at 1dub=50 reals rate. 2000 labour hours, 500lh = 400 dubloons, 2000 labour hours = 1600 dubs = 80k reals 3 victory marks, 50k reals x 3 = 150k reals Other than required resources, our 1st rate costs 690k reals. 690k reals + standart resources + special wood prices for frame and planking. Assuming Lo/Wo, so 2900 Lo and 655 Wo required. You can estimate a final cost. If 200 reals for each, 3555 x 200 = 700k for main woods, let's say 100k for other resources. Finaly, a L'Ocean which is Lo/Wo, woods purchased as 200 reals will cost ===> 1.5 million reals. If you have the resources and labour hours, it will cost around 1 million reals. This is standart 3/5 blue ship. Base price settles at 1 million reals. Agamemnon base price being around 200k, rises with selection of better woods availability up to 300k. Bellona 4200 dubs + 1 victory mark + 1500 lh + resources ===> 320 base cost up to 550k. Buc 5400 dub + 2 vm + 1500 lh + resources ===> 430k base cost up to 700k. What about 5th rates which does not require any dubloons for crafting ? Most expansive can be Indefatigable due to more resource required. Assuming you have all the resources just paying 1000 dubloons for LH. Special woods (1100 logs of frame + 250 planking) are the only price factor here. So Sabicu/Sabicu indefatigable should require 1350 x 10 = 13500 for sabicu woods, 1350 x 100 = 135000 for bettter woods. Ship price base price around 50k reals + LH (another 50k if you do not have labour hours), so starting from 50k with %50 profit we should see 75k shop price which is not the case. I would say 150k is a good price for special woods. Another point is upgrade prices. People selling Basic Gunpowder for 10k, Copper Plating for 200k, according to me these are very inflated prices. Developers should spawn some of the basic upgrades at ports, to control these ridiculious prices. Conclusion : 1) Expected aproximate base prices of ships excluding overpriced special woods and crafter profits; 1st rate 1 million reals 2nd rate 500k reals 3rd rate 350k reals 4th rate 230k reals 5th rate 50k reals 2) Still rare upgrade prices are much more than ship prices, widening gap between players, thus should be controlled and much cheaper. 3) crafted 5th rate ship prices are inflated, captured 5th rate crew/wood ships are mostly trash and should be much cheaper.
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