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Found 6 results

  1. The community on the Global Chat is kinda funny and people try to organize duels in the PatrolZone, but its not always easy cause the mess on the waves. So why dont we try to develop this particular feature, Solo PVP in the PatrolZone, to a better and higher level, with both duelists streaming the fight on Twitch/Youtube/Whatever and the NA community betting (dubloons, reals, upgrades, whatever but not RL money) on the winner?
  2. Feel free to post and share your YouTube / Twitch / etc Video here
  3. I was making like it don't hurt me but beeing chased on twitch were i'm just trying to share my love on the game is bad and should be warned. it was just 4 people when this guys come and insult me and my society but i think this kind of behavior is a new step in how some take this game too seriously. Next step is irl adress threats? Ty to judge this as it should.
  4. Regiment of the Grenadier Guards [RGG] Intro: Hey folks Dale here, [RGG] has been going for a good while now (since 2005) and we are a group built on friendship and the love of good PvP, we have been in a variety of games such as Project Reality, Arma (1 through to 3) and other gems of the past such as COD 4. We have also been a massive advocate for simulation games, and due to our nature we just couldn't say no to Naval Action. Our Ethos: We are looking for a relatively small group of people to come join us, we aren't trying to build a massive group chock with 250 people, to us you aren't a number but someone who will form a close nit group who will help each other to grind missions, craft ships and roam together for PvP. Generally speaking we will be on every night as a group, and you will see us playing as a group. Some Links: So if you are interested you can either respond to this thread, or you can check out our group by coming to teamspeak and catching us there, or by checking out my stream on Twitch which will give you a pretty good idea of what we're like. TS IP: Password: pk4life Stream Link: twitch.tv/rggdale What Rank: We aren't too worried about what rank you are to join the group, we are happy to help you grind the levels up, however bear in mind that we are mostly Master and Commander and Lieutenant Commander ranks which means we will likely be doing harder missions etc. This doesn't mean you can't join us as a lower level, it just means you will have a different role when going into PvP if you are in lets say a Basic Cutter. Overall: So we are looking forwards to seeing you folks, if you are interested in joining something you will have to think about is our time zone as the majority of us are from the EU (mainly UK). Dale
  5. Several people love this game and spend quite a few hours streaming it. Personally I've been enjoying the game quite a lot and try to stream whenever I have the time. I know other streamers do to, e.g. http://www.twitch.tv/O_Dingo77, http://www.twitch.tv/sidestrafe, http://www.twitch.tv/Gratznov and many others. There's also quite a few people who have posted youtube videos and such of the game, like Ramjb who provided many informative videos. Frontier did something nice in Elite Dangerous by putting up the top 5 twitch streamers on their front page https://www.elitedangerous.com/. I was thinking that this could be a nice two way street for both the streamers and Naval Action / Game Labs by having the top 3 or 5 streamers shown on the front page of Naval Action as well. That way new players who only just discovered the game could immediately pop into one of the active streams and get a live impression of what the game is about rather than just images and pre-made videos, plus those streaming the game would also get some viewers with an interest in the game. Maybe this is a bit too early (given the game being in alpha testing still), but if so then perhaps it could be an interesting idea for later in the development stages. I really believe that between the youtubers and the streamers this game has gotten quite a bit, and well deserved, attention. To the point where we are now stopping pre-orders because of the influx of players Thoughts?
  6. Hello, Steam has added a streaming feature, with the clever name of "steam broadcasting" http://steamcommunity.com/updates/broadcasting (Beta steam client needed) I wanted to show the game to some friends so they could decide to buy the alpha version, but it seems it's not working for NA. Have you tried already ? Is this related to Naval Action being in alpha stage ?
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