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Found 7 results

  1. I recorded my Trinco duel with Rorona, explaining my thought process and plans in subtitles. This gives you an unique option to get "into my head" during a fight. It can be a good guide for those of you who want to polish their PvP skills. ( I know I could have done a few things better and more effective. Critique and comments are welcomed. ) @admin I think this video, or similar ones, can be quite useful for new PvP players. Should people find this video interesting, I can voice-comment similar battles in the future.
  2. So I heard on Jodgi's speed trials forum (http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7212-ship-speeds-testing-and-discussion/page-13) thread that the trincomalee's speed was nerfed (again) and I haven't seen any patch notes to confirm this. There also aren't any patch notes for having removed the 1.5x BR mechanic. Can I get confirmation of exactly what's happened with this ninja patch and what else has been snuck in to the game by the devs? Concerning the Trincomalee speed nerf, have other ship speeds also been nerfed to bring them in line? Because from what I'm reading of Jodgi's testing, a fir-speed Trin is now just as fast as a fir-speed constitution, and my fir-speed surprise would actually be able to keep up with a Trinc traveling downwind. This effectively removes the trincomalee's role as a hunter/chaser, because the constitution would be as fast, with more sail/mast health, more crew, more broadside health, and more firepower.
  3. Just a quick question, why aren't there any NPC Trincomalees sailing around in the open world? Because the devs don't want people capturing such an awesome ship for free? Every other ship can be found sailing around in AI fleets or even solo up to a 3rd rate, obviously not above that for balancing reasons. But why specifically is the Trinc the only ship below 2nd rate that isn't sailed by the NPCs?
  4. Hello, On 2/28 I was dragged into a 3rd Fleet battle. It is important to note, I did not manually join so the loss of my only deep water vessel, my Trinc, was completely out of my control. How it happened was I was fleet farming that day. I was quite pleased at how I was progressing! My normal routine in Naval Action mainly involves trading, which as you can imagine, does not involve much, if any experience. So as I'm following the 3rd rate, battle is started. That's when the bug hit. I sat in a loading screen for over 5 minutes, until a previous experience with this particular bug sparked my decision to restart Naval Action. However, after I shut it down, and restarted the client, I was still not able to get to access a shard list, let alone my character selection screen. I come back about an hour later, and try to start the client again. This time, everything is working smooth. I ask my mates how the battle was going, and if my ship was still intact. To my horror, they inform me I had surrendered. It was quite disheartening. I had no input into this decision, and it was indeed a sad day. I had atleast 100k in upgrades into this captured, 1 dura boat, and I prided myself every time I looked at it. Every time I saw it in port in Cabo I thought "I went from a bcutter to this!" Only to see it lost in the most dishonorable may imaginable, the game took it away from me. Not in battle, not by a decision by me, but by an action of nearing theft. I now refuse to open the client, or log in to my character, because of this loss. I humbly request a full refund including upgrade costs and lost ships in the course of capturing this vessel, or the safe return of the vessel from the depths of Naval Action itself. If the request is not fulfilled, I fear that I may never return to the deeps. Yours truly, Captain Crayon
  5. I'm just wondering where can i get Trincomalee. I've been looking for the ship since about 5 days ago.
  6. The trincs are commanded by izatopia, balticsailor DK N and AP514.
  7. It's bad enough in the wind, but that I could understand, however after taking a little bit of damage and, god forbid, a little water on board, the crew on one side of the ship needs to start wearing snorkles. It goes to the point where the ship can't even engage targets at near point blank range. That feels a bit too extreme to me.
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