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Found 13 results

  1. He was reported doing it a day or two ago as well. He is at it again. That would be 0350 UTC 7 April for his first kill. After this screenshot, I noticed he got more kills and he's pretty high up on the PVP leaderboard.
  2. Once again someone showing some rude behaviour, used ingame report function for @admin to check it out. Thanks in advance.
  3. While sailing from Mortimer to Baracoa Arriving just infront of the port of Baracoa with my Indiaman, a player by the name of [Pinkg] Mralmost, a fellow pirate who was sitting infront of the port sailed passed me and tagged a British Wapen plus 2 fleet that was caught in the wind next to me, again directly in front of the port but not in docking range. Mralmost tagged the npc so that I started right next the the npc and mralmost started at the edge of the ring. Mralmost then waited passively till my trader was sunk and i had taken heavy damage before participating in the battle. When I asked in battle chat why? the reply received was "0.0". clearly I believe this to be exploiting and grieving. I request a suspension of the player in questions account at the least.
  4. I am not a big fan of bringing everything to the tribunal and this is my first tribunal thread. I reportet the player Jon Silver ingame several times now because my team mates and me being constantly insulted by him in a really primitive way and it starts getting on my nerves that this has not being stopped jet. I want to have fun when playing this game. I do not mind if I lose. I do not even mind being insulted, but not deliberately constantly.
  5. Hi Devs. I'm going to keep this short. Facts: 1. Llolarry11 and I (andrew maldovard) (English) engaged an elite Santisima last night with Spanish players valheres & Maulwurf112. 2. Together we worked on the Santisima and then Llolarry11 boarded the vessel & was engaged in boarding procedures. 3. The Santisima's crew was down to 293, and then 120 when the incident took place. [Note: llollarry11's comment. Also note valheres ship to the right of mine, and the position of llollarry's vessel - with sails tied down.] 4. Player valheres positioned himself between my vessel and the Santisima and pushed Llolarry11's vessel away terminating boarding by distance. [Note: valheres posts the loot in the Santisima and the final location of his ship is directly against Llollary11's (see arrow).] 5. Valheres then immediately boarded the Santisima, captured the vessel and any loot - or note if present. 6. Finally, both valheres and maulwurf112 make comments post battle which make testament to their actions (additional files attached - red underlined). Conclusion: This was the second occasion that evening of a similar event that took place. An elite L'ocean was captured by them before in a similar manner. This time I thought to document their behaviour. A recommendation to solve this problem would be to lock boarding vessels together for the duration of the boarding procedure (i.e. replicating the effect grapples would have). I will leave this decision with you and will note your silence on the issue as reason to believe this behaviour is acceptable in PVE.
  6. Dear Devs and Mods, Recently @Gregory Rainsborough started a thread in tribunal, stating that he had been severely insulted in battle chat ingame. @admin has stated before that severe insults (such as "Go die of cancer!") should be posted to tribunal to ensure shorter reaction times. Link to said post: http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26574-tasteless/?tab=comments#comment-569714 The topic however was immediately closed by a mod, who referred to the use of the ingame chat report function. Seeing as the insults in both cases where of the same kind, I'd like to ask for a definite answer on when stuff like that is worth a tribunal and when it isn't. Regards, Tom
  7. Attention British Nation in PVP Caribbean. The following 2 players have committed treason against a friendly player (me: HMS Avenger) in a recent battle to save one of our noobs from being ganked by a Swedish enemy player. (AWOX)daddybigwangsugardic (AWOX)TheRedBaron Avoid these players (and by extension their clan as well) like the plaque. Turned on me in battle, shot at me, talked mad crap and still couldn't get me sunk as i alone fought an endy in my renomee and held my own; even surviving the battle. They talked to the enemy player and asked if he could take me alone. When he didn't respond "daddybigwangsugardic" told him that he and "TheRedBaron" will "demast the faggot HMS Avenger" for him. They attempted to do this and shot at me until I was able to move far enough away from them. "daddybigwangsugardic" continued to trash talk the entire time and even continued to bark orders at me despite me being the only real power in the fight. I desailed the swedish player Loorkon 4 times down to 60% sails and decrewed him twice by myself while I was being trash talked and shot at by my fellow brits. I strongly urge something to be done about this. In my 2,000 plus hours of game experience I have never experienced anything like this. Even when they were fighting the swedish with me, neither of these guys (both in 3rd rate Bellonas) could land a single shot on him, desail or anything else. Despite their lack of skill, this didnt stop them from calling me every name in the book and saying that I was the one that sucked and deserved, and would, lose my ship (although i didnt); he even told me to shut up....lol despite them being the aggressor. The name of the first player says enough and in my opinion falls under the "Inappropriate clan names/clan tags" category. I have never sent in an f11 report, I have not been banned from the forums or ingame chat. I dont go out of my way to start drama, but in this case I felt it absolutely necessary as these guys will CERTAINLY do this again to others. BAN THESE PLAYERS! and until; this happens I advise all British captains to avoid these guys and their clan like the plaque.
  8. I would like to tribunal @Banished Privateeror the old @Srupl for throwing acusations at me without any proof whatsoever. The layout is this, the acused started a tread in the forums were he askes, for harder requirements for crafting a 1th rate: at page 3 i replied, saying that " Why not ask for diffrent difficulty levels in the game? If u want the game to be hard for u personaly." he replied: acusing me of actions i do not feel guilty of ... so i replied: "As per usual, u talk right out of your arse." His answer was: I have no ideea what he is talking about! so i asked for proof; "What are u talking about? Pointing fingers ? Which battle did i leave ?" So he says: As a conclusion i told him to: " Show me a battle were i leave! Or STFU! " a bit harsh but i was angry. I still demand @Banished Privateer to provide proof of these several battles were i leave in my Santisima and as a result a lot of British captains loose their ships.
  9. I wish to confine this to improvements on the Tribunal. It may get controversial, lets see how it goes. If you want any proposal added, please list it below.
  10. My ingame name : Kair Alzahir (Privateer) Offender ingame name : Capitaine Mormoila (indéfatigable) Green to green damage : 2-3 complete broadsides, intentional (no ship near me, was almost point blank). I tagged the LGV. Once I got the logs up, couldnt close it anymore (had to crash the game and log back in) so I dont have the full logs. A witness was there the entire time : "blancherive" Conversation went as folow : I tagged a LGV with my Privateer, he joined in and started saying I was "avid" ("rapace" in french), and that I was going the other way and when I spoted him folow the LGV I folowed him to piss him off. I replyed I was sorry, and that was never my intention. I then sailed away (was verry close to the LGV). He continued on the chat telling me I couldnt take an LGV with a privateer so I was obviously there to piss him off. I answered I could easily take it, and that my intentions were never to be disobliging, and that he should calme down. Then he said he would be happy to see me try (mokking me about it). I said ok, and sailed back to the LGV. By that time he had catched up. He went board to board with him and started shooting his broadside. I fired a few shots in the LGV sails while stern camping it, also did a few crew kills (~50) and eventually passed on "Capitaine Mormoila"s starboard. He asked me what was the purpous of me staying in combat, I did not answer. He then fired a first broadside at me (100% of my armor was destroyed in one volley). I got the logs out and could not close it neither maneuver my ship anymore. By the time I logged out, he fired a second, and maybe a third broad side at me. Did not lost my ship it seems, but I stayed cool ALL along and proposed several times to let him the LGV though I was the one that tagged it... People with a bad spirit like that tend to kill nations/games, it seems to me important to report actions like that.
  11. A clan-mate of mine (he has his own clan & warehouse, but still part of RDNN) received death threats from an opponent during a battle. I am here on his behalf to present the evidence before this honorable tribunal. As this violation happened in game-chat, it is reportable via the in-game function. My clan-mate was not aware of this, or did not think of it in the heat of the battle. In any case however, this is not a simple chat violation. Although the death threats are necessarily empty, they constitute a serious offense, and go far beyond what is acceptable behavior towards other players. The accused is Chef Monster of the [TPTC] clan. The evidence is attached below.
  12. Oxford Dictionary As per the tribunal rules outlined in the topic, griefing is a tribunal offence. Charge: Players from the US nation has repeatedly and intentionally been raising hostility in the region of Georgia with the explicit intention of setting port battles at times that for the defenders, danish players, are in the middle of the night on weekdays. This is intended to force Danish defenders to stay up for what is for us the middle of the night and mount a defense The US players then do not show up to the attack, or shows up in a very small number of fast ships with the express intention of wasting the time of the entire defensive force. This is textbook griefing. It is an intentional waste of other players time and an intentional sabotage of the game. With accompanying mockery and harassment in the battle chat and global chat. It causes great dissatisfaction amongst the defenders who have to stay up to mount a defense and yet do not get a fight, wasting hours of their time for nothing. This charge and proof addresses specifically the port "battle" that happened in Savannah on January the 11th. Proof of intention: Only four players showed up to the beginning of the fight, in fast ships to run away and waste our time. There was no screening mounted outside by the defenders that could explain the absence of more attackers. No attempt was ever made in the course of the battle by the attackers to fight or get any points. They were running away from the beginning, but refusing to leave the battle to let it end, wasting more time.
  13. The circumstances around the Swedish capture of Basse terre, will shourtly be put on tribunal. Importance that all Clans rep. read this topic
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