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Found 4 results

  1. It is not an original idea, nor very popular, but... I just thinking in a way to shorten travel time: when the ship goes in a straight line just after about 3 or 5 min, the time gets a boost, increasing the speed of vessel in like x1.5 or x2.0 more than the actual rate...in case of crossing another player vessel in his line of sight or when the player change the course, the speed and time comes to the normal rate. It is not a warp, just a little boost, and will not affect the interactions in ow.
  2. I have talked with multiple people about how the game could really use something like a spyglass feature in the open world, it would change a lot of aspects for pvp and obviously not be easy but it would add a lot more depth to the open world, the other idea is the ability to share the location of missions and possibly the icon, allowing teams to fan out and maximize there ability to locate it.
  3. At the moment , travel time is dead time. I propose that you should gain experience for travelling across the map. However, you should not get experience for sailing through the same areas over and over. If the map were discreetly divided into grid squares, then you could gain experience for travelling through a new grid square but not for one you've already visited (this could be reset perhaps once a week). This means that if you're just running missions in an area (e.g. Jamaica) you're not gaining much travel xp. I think we need to reward players for striking out and exploring new seas. It also seems unfair that traders, who sail vast distances to source goods, are not rewarded with xp for their time.
  4. I have a suggestion for how we deal with long voyages and local areas of operation (PVP/PVE opportunities) As it would be quite impossible to utilise real time for sailing around the world, we obviously need a workaround that is both usable and believable. Obviously I can't do this in just a couple of sentences so bear with me pls I propose that we have a system based on 18th and 19th century trade routes and Port/harbour locations. I propose that your ship is in 1 of 5 states/situations. In Harbour - You are docked and going about your business in the town. In Harbour approach area - interception possible In General shipping area - Blockading & interception possible In Deep sea voyage - Travel only, possible random 'events'. In Battle - Shooting stuff For simplicity assume in most cases, the harbour approach is last 2 miles radius around harbour, general coastal is a band up to 20 miles from the coast. Deep sea voyage is your time compacter to allow crossing of oceans. Harbour approach is always from the deck General shipping is on map but accelerated speed, interceptions drop into deck combat mode. Deep sea voyage is a short period of time where your ship is a dot on a world map moving of its own accord along a pre determined trade route once a route is selected and exits into a general shipping area. Possible random events such as losing topmast in a sudden squall, picking up survivors from open boat(reward/mission), Logging location of unknown island or wreck (Possible mission opportunity etc etc) Before I get shouted at for not being able to interdict those juicy merchantment, or intercept that enemy fleet during deep sea voyage. There were historically very few deap sea encounters for the simplest reason, No Radar, No Satallites. However you could work out a probable destination for your targets and would attempt to put your ships in the way e.g. a favoured frigate captain or a pirate would patrol/cruise a given area of sea because it was a natural location for your target ships to travel through. A fleet would do the same thing to intercept another fleet. This area is your general shipping area. So, where historically possible, each deep sea voyage would start outside general shipping area, and finish outside target general shipping area with additions of known or probable bottleneck areas having additional 'general shipping' feature where you drop back to ship on a map, sail safely through and then continue deep sea voyage. So you 'sail' out of harbour, you mini map through general shipping, you reach and enter deep sea voyage, you 'puddle hop' your deep sea voyage through any additional general shipping areas that could be considered bottleneck areas good for interception, then at your final destination, you reverse the order, dropping into general shipping area, sail last 2 miles to harbour and with luck you safely enter harbour and do your 'thing' Obviously the devs will decide how many harbours/ports will be in game, and it is possible that more than 1 port will exist within the same general shipping area. depending on proximity and importance to the game. I also propose that there is a method of slowing down deep sea travel speed for each additional deep sea voyage within a certain timeframe, this would prevent someone for instance making 10 trips to jamaicas and back to England in a half hour gaming period. Perhaps a greater penalty if you enter harbour for trade or repairs. Something to think on. No pretty pictures I'm sure you guys can picture this yourself.
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