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Found 2 results

  1. Teleporting is going to kill this game. It is far too easy to exploit and makes PvP illogically centered around random free ports. It should be removed and replaced by a system that makes more sense. I propose we use the in place AI pathing from port to port to allow players to travel via AI control while online or offline. This turns your vessel into a NPC which leap frogs from one port to the next to your selected destination and takes real time. It makes sense because a captain of a ship (the player) could not be awake 24/7 and had to allow his crew to perform basic ship functions in his absence. You can select pre defined behavior for the AI to run from sighted enemies, defend, or pursue. It would even better if there was an offline notification system such as an email notification if sails enemy sails were to be sighted. This would be akin to waking up the captain. Remove teleporting of ships, and cargo completely. Players can still teleport to and from outposts, but it would just be known as "booking passage" but it could happen instantly for the sake of fun gameplay and meeting up with friends. Get rid of being able to warp ships behind enemy lines or carry valuable cargo to your capitol with impunity. This will concentrate PvP on the front lines of your nations territory where it should be. Port battles would occur in sensible locations and not strewn about randomly around free towns. Players would be concentrated on the front lines wherever their nation's ports butted up next to enemy ports. Battles would rage all day long with the occasional flag carrier running the gauntlet trying to break through lines to get into a port. Trading would happen safely in friendly territory for the most part unless people decided to risk a long haul where they know they could get a cheap resource and risk themselves to piracy. Removing teleportation will improve the gameplay experience for all levels of players for all countries. It will lead to a more balanced, realistic, and enjoyable game overall.
  2. Hi All I have, over the past months noticed a concerning flaw in the instance. Scenario 1. The 1v1. Two players are in an instance. For whatever reason one of the players decide they need to bug out. To do this they either juke away and run at best speed, or are straight out faster than their opponent. To escape two things need to happen. The runner needs to put distance between him and his enemy and he cant get hit or the escape timer resets. He escapes. Scenario 2. 2v1 . 2 players have managed to tag a solitary ship due to teamwork (or the cunning solitary ship has allowed them to) the battle ensues. As one of the team is closer or is the more dangerous target the solitary guy decides to focus on him first. Due to good positioning and skill the solitary ship succeeds in killing the greater threat, he turns to engage the other ship. It promptly teleports out of the battle. Eh? Scenario 3. Fleet Battle Lets say its a 5v5 SOL battle. SOL's are now sluggish to turn and can get very slow with some sail damage. If one team focus fires on only one ship, then as long as the other team holds fire they can teleport out. Or a player resets his position in the battle by pulling out and sailing upwind unnoticed to attack from another vector. since he hasn't fired due to poor shot angle he can jump out of the battle if the tide turns on his mates. My problem with the 2nd and third scenario is the ships jumping out of the instance have not escaped. They are perfectly within range of the ships around them, but for whatever reason they have escaped fire. You should not be able to leave an instance in the middle of an engagement. My solution is simple. you should need to satisfy two things to be able to leave an instance. 1. your escape timer runs out. 2. you have sailed 1000m away from enemy combatants. I think this is entirely reasonable. Discuss
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