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Found 11 results

  1. No se si algunos de vosotros tenéis el 'Wallpaper Engine', es un programa que se puede comprar en Steam y permite tener fondos de escritorio animados o interactivos consumiendo MUY pocos recursos. Hace un tiempo animé un fondo de pantalla de las imágenes promocionales de NA, en concreto la imagen de la Surprise entrando a puerto (la que tengo de avatar xD) y hoy me dio por compartirlo en el Workshop de Steam. Básicamente lo que esta animado es el agua y las banderas. Dejo el link por aqui, por si alguien que tenga el Wallpaper Engine quiere probarlo. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1129142968
  2. Ok simple enough question from a player less than 3 months into the game I bought a fir / fir plank surprise. This should have a basic speed. Struggling to find any websites or info with up to date information but players have been trying to help added 3 permanent upgrades to try and make it faster, reasons don't matter it was a plan i read about by Mr Koltes before the speed nerf Bovenwinds, Gazzelle and Crooked Hull which should alter the speed by 6% , give me a 14% crew nerf ? ( 7x2) -5% armour ? and boost turning speed by 3% If I hover over the ship in the docks , not in the number 1 position, it says 12.39 + 1.98 in green If I move it to equipped ship, the numbers change to 11.88 +1.90 in green could somebody point out a reason why and I appologise in advance for anything stupid and being unable to sort a screenshot, although I will try again thanks for any help and If anybody has any good links regarding ships, their setups and modules and upgrades, please let me know ty , Hilts GB Global
  3. Hey Captains, Who of you know what strengths and weaknesses these three vessels have? Which of those would be worth buying form your experience and why? Also, should I use cannons or carronades on the specific ship if I want to do both PVP and PvE? Thanks in advance, HMS Victory May the wind be with you.
  4. Hello. I have a question why my redeemable Surprise default speed are lower than normal one?
  5. I decided to test Regional Speed Bonus vs Regional Pirate Refit Bonus, to see which one would be better for ships designed for hunting. I build two Surprises with the exact same Modifications, one with Speed, one with Pirate Refit. Here are the results: The Frigate Master Perk was active in both cases.
  6. From the album: Collister's Graphs

    An example of the new penetration mechanic; firing a 12lb Medium Cannon at the Surprise.
  7. Hi, I was really looking forward to sail the Surprise and Renommee. In fact, I have no real interest in sailing vessels bigger than these two classes. However, the surprise feels fairly underwhelming.. Let's see what the Surprise got in store compared to the Renommee, Surprise got slightly better sailing capabilities upwind and has 10 more 6lb cannons while Surprise has 2 9lb cannons less than Renommee. Surprise has also bow chasers and that's it: + some upwind capabilities + 10 more 6lb cannons (but 2 9lbs less) + Bow chasers The Renommee on the other hand is the fastest ship in the game, has better turn rate, ricochet capabilities & more armor. + fastest ship + turn rate + ricochet capabilities + armor + 2 more 9lb cannons (but 10 6lb less) I feel that the surprise is too sluggish to compete with bigger vessels. The surprise is big enough to be targeted by higher rank vessels but lacks turn rate to evade broadsides and the firepower to fight back. The only use I see for the surprise are her bow chasers to keep an enemy in battle. I was for whatever reason imagining that I could use Surprise to outmaneuver bigger or heavier ships but thanks to her sluggishness she's apparently just another class on my way through the ranks Speed: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YLG3e6NVTbO0IQjOjoQ2AxupVjpVvW5sUItyFb2MNTM/pubchart?oid=2049998003&format=interactive Surprise: http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Surprise Renomee: http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Renomee
  8. From the album: Medium Ships

    The Surprise in OW
  9. I already mentioned this in the thread for feedback of the current progression. Change the BR of the Renommee to 100. Quoted from the topic: Now I know this might not be the final progression system but it really felt like this needed some attention.
  10. Update: I originally was looking at the old XML files and so the title of this thread is not accurate, I have updated the post accordingly. I knew it didn't add up with what we see in game, that's why I'd asked about possible hidden attributes, but no, it was just the wrong XML files However, my position that the Constitutions HP is far below what it should be still stands and here is some evidence for that. This may be the most in depth feedback I have given to the developers about this amazing game that we all love, but it is the most heartfelt opinion I have yet offered. The Constitutions armor and hit point rating does not match the physics of the wood and framing used on this ship. It doesn't match what is commonly known and accepted, nor the physics. Her armor rating doesn't represent a 2200 ton super heavy frigate with a 21 inch thick hull made of Southern Live and White Oak, built with the scantling scheme of a 74, zero space framing, innovative diagonal riders, lock scarfing and heavy Live Oak knees .

 The HMS Victory at the waterline has only 3 more inches of wood and it is made of the five times less dense and weaker English Oak. In fact the 21 inch maximum thickness I use is merely the most commonly repeated number, the wikipedia number, but the US Naval Historical Center states she has 25 inches at the waterline and that the 21 inches is the hull average! Let’s start with some details.

 Southern Live Oak, Quercus virginiana, indigenous to the Southeastern United States, is world renown for it’s strength and density. In fact even today the architectural formula for load bearing beams and walls allows for a reduction by up to 1/6th when using Southern Live Oak in place of any other type of oak! The hull and load framing construction of the USS Constitution was Live and White oak, with Live being the most predominant in the framing. With the Bellona and Victory it was English Oak. White Oak even is much stronger than both Red and English Oak. Furthermore the Constitution was built with zero spacing between her frame timbers, while the Bellona for example had 30 inches and the space was packed with soft woods such as pine and elm and most other frigates had between 8 and 10 inches spacing.

 If the speed of a ball during penetration was about 200 m/s, the velocity of the stress wave would be about 3000 m/s. The larger the space and the less dense the material between the spaces the more susceptible the whole structure is to the stress wave once the projectile has pierced roughly 2 inches into the wood. The density and hardness of the wood at the impact point and behind the impact point directly affects the deceleration rate and determines the share of energy that is absorbed in the penetration process. 

In short, the zero spaced supports in the USS Constitution and it’s construction of Live and White Oak would decelerate a penetration projectile much more rapidly than would the constructions of the Victory and the Bellona. Further, the denser and stronger Live and White Oak would be able to absorb the projectiles energy more rapidly and locally, reducing the structural damage the round could give. Simple physics states that a harder, denser target face, supported by harder, denser and more closely framed support is unsurprisingly harder to destroy. Splintering was a major source of crew casualties and even projectiles that did not fully penetrate could create a hail of splinters. Southern Live and White Oak's properties, specifically it's superior elastic modulus rating, are much more resistant to splintering than English Oak when hit with high speed projectiles. The one inch of total thickness difference between the Constitution and the Bellona and the three inches of difference with the Victory (or if the US Navy is to be referenced, the one inch difference with the Victory and the two inch superiority of the Constitution over the Bellona) would and should not account for the 2,391 and 3,402 point differences, respectively, in side armor values, even if the Constitution itself was made of the same English Oak. Its superior framing design alone, even if it had the same oak, would see it absorbing and surviving the exact same shot as the Bellona with less penetration and damage. Also it is to be noted that the amount of iron bolts and copper nails used in a single piece of planking of the Constitution accounted for an average of 25% of it’s weight, which British contractors also copied when they set about building their own super heavy frigates, determining that the Constitutions 3.3% of the face surface of the timber being occupied by bolts provided a high density of reinforcement to the hull that helped stop gun shots. Damage models I am aware that the current damage model takes into account the size of the ship and it’s overall structural mass and that damage model 4.0 will be of a completely different type. However when it is designed, it surely must take into account the details of what made ‘Old Ironsides’ such a powerful frigate and that wasn't just anecdotal evidence and the response of the British admiralty, who, when designing their own heavy frigates copied more than just the gun load out, (redesigned their framing to mimic the Constitution's), but it must take into account of the known physics of the wood and the framing. Even from 1811 forward the British 2nd and 3rd rates framing was changed using techniques found on the Constitution. The superiority of Southern Live and White Oak over English Oak as armor and structural framing I know the immediate response of many will be 'but the 74 has to be more powerful than a frigate!' First of all physics do not follow preconceived hierarchical arrangements we all make and are guilty of. It should be what it is and the devil is in the details. The fact remains that the 74's and even the 64's will still have a superior weight of broadside regardless of what is done to the armor, and captains being equal, will still have a clear advantage over the Constitution, and a cautious Constitution captain would wisely use his ships speed to decline a 1v1 with a Bellona on the open world sea.
  11. From the album: Screenshots

    © Naval Action Alpha

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