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Found 4 results

  1. Surely I just don't know a certain keyboard command... In open world, is there a way to click somewhere on the screen and then hit "shift" and your spyglass is aimed at that spot? At least with my mouse/computer combo, scrolling around the view in spyglass mode is a real pain. I think in combat screen, the default aims the spyglass where your cannons are aimed but I'm not even sure about that.
  2. Hello, this morning I came up with the brilliant idea... READ THE WHOLE THING TO GET THE IDEA At the current state of the game when we're sailing in Open World we can see ranks of every captain. What I suggest is to limit the "Rank visibility" so that we only can see ranks of captains in our nation. Why? In Open World: 1.Because it would make a lot of sense. In navy you can more or less determine the rank of friendly captains. But how can you determine ranks of hostile captains? Short answer is, you can't. You're not a spy + enemy navy is not giving away ranks of their captains just like that. 2.It's more realistic comparing to what we have now. 3.This brings the element of a doubt and element of surprise. For example: You see an enemy Constitution on the horizon and you think two things: a)there is no way he is sailing this thing fully crewed, you take your mates and attack the fellow. What can happen? -boom, you're right and you sink that bastard -holly cow, he is fully crewed and he sends you and your buddies to the devil b)damn, if he's sailing this thing on our waters he must be confident enough and he must be fully crewed. What can happen? -you run as fast as you can -some of your friends tags him, you get into battle and it turns out he's sailing that ship with 50% crew. You outmanouver him and fire 10 broadsides to his 1 which means he's dead On the other hand imagine YOU are sailing the Constitution and you see an enemy or a bunch of enemies on the horizon. What can happen? a)you are fully crewed but they don't know it. What can happen? -they run like flies due to your Fear Factor -they think you're undercrewed and they attack. And then the fun begins... b)you are undercrewed but you think your Fear Factor will do the job. What can happen? -they run like flies due to your Fear Factor -they think you're undercrewed and they attack. Turns out they were right and you're literally torn to pieces In Battle Mode: 1.This whole thing leads us to one great feature we ALL want you to implement - THE SPYGLASS - 2.Imagine how many good things this would bring. The only way you could determine enemy rank, number of crewmembers, number of working cannons could be only possible through spyglass. We could exclude the armor and rigging status, pump status, rudder status or magazine status so that is stays visible all the time (it would be hard to determine those things with the spyglass). 3.By opening the map in Battle Mode and clicking the enemy ship silhouette you could only see: a)Armor b)Percentage of sails (85% Sails etc.) c)Type of ship (Cerberus etc.) d)Shocks e)Pump, Rudder, Magazine status THE SPYGLASS should have limited realistic range (obviously) and it should be some kind of mechanism, for example: (the loading circle would appear with the message "Gathering information" - similar to the one when you Capture a ship, but you could move the camera and your ship to track the enemy with your spyglass) a)If you want to determine the Rank of the Enemy Captain you should SCAN that ship with the spyglass for let's say 60 seconds b)If you want to determine the more or less accurate amount of crew on enemy ship you should SCAN that ship with the spyglass for let's say 90 seconds c)If you want to determine the type of cannons on the enemy ship you should SCAN that ship for let's say 45 seconds d)If you want to determine the amount of working cannons you should scan that ship for let's say 120 seconds (time of each scan is just an example, it would have to take further tweaking once you would like to implement the Spyglass mechanism) So whay do guys think? I know it would make the game even harder, but "spotting mechanism" is at the moment ridiculous. Too many information about the enemy is within arm's reach. The current state limits the PvP capabilities by a large margin. EDIT: Almost forgot - by using the spyglass in battles you could also implement a thing called "Captain's Log" or "Captain' Journal" in which every player would have the database about players he had encountered. The database would be updated after the battle ends with the information you gathered by scanning each captains ship. The database would (of course) be one time registration. Which means that to get the latest info about the captains you've encountered you would have to encounter them again. The information you store in your Captain's Log would be: Captain's name, ship, rank (or whatever information you think will be suitable)
  3. Greetings, I realize this has probably been suggested in the past, but I’d like to throw in my cents on the matter. I believe we need implement a spyglass when we’re on the world map, perhaps one that you purchase for gold, this would be both sensible and reasonable considering the state of navigation at the present time (I adore how we can’t see ourselves on the map). To have a spyglass might also add somewhat to the immersion of the game, and certainly ease the navigation, at least a little bit- After all.. You might spot land from a greater distance if you have such a thing, and if you spot land you can work out a rough estimate of where you are. The second thing I’d like to suggest is the ability to open and close the gunports on our ship, this might not appear as a big deal, but it does have an element of pure awesome to it, there you are- Sailing up alongside a trader or enemy- And suddenly you open your gunports and the cannons slide out- The showman in me can’t help but adore such a thought. Such a suggestion would not be purely for show however, one could add a small increase to speed from traveling with them closed, after all- Cannons slid out of the ship will cause more drag resistance against the wind, and therefore slow you down in comparison to the other guy. So yes, these are my two suggestions, and why I'd like to see them added. Please vote on the poll.
  4. Gunnery can be a pain. The ships is moving, your target is moving, the cannon shot is going all willy nilly...it is all just a very large best guess. This make it a challenge, and there is the fun. What I do not like though is that some how, you can not give an order to fire while using the Spyglass. To range a shot you need to fire, then quickly press Shift and hope you can spot where the round lands. What I propose is that the Spyglass and Gunnery sighting are integrated. While in gunnery mode, if you use the spyglass you get the same elevation indicator as without. By raising and lowering your spyglass for far off targets you can then press space and see the shot land with out having to exit. When you leave the spyglass the indicator is in the same place you left it. This would make ranging a little easier to do since it removes a step and ungags the commander of the ship. A different method would be that the player in spyglass mode could use keys to alter the elevation of the guns in the glass. So instead of having the the marker dead center of the glass. We could use keys to increase the elevation pushing the marker higher in our view. It would still be a judgement call and in no way would make it easier. But it would alter the chance of having to raise the glass so high you loose sight of the target altogether. I find it hard to believe that when using this aid, the character can not order the ships guns to fire. It seems a little silly doesn't it? Please note dispersion, chance to hit something far off and so on would not be hampered...they would still be a fat chance past a point unless someone gets really good at gun by gun aiming. To them I say...good for you, congratz.
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