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Found 4 results

  1. Book Recommend: Nelson’s Spy? The Life of Alexander Scott https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nelsons-Spy-Life-Alexandra-Scott/dp/0954349504 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_John_Scott https://www.joh.cam.ac.uk/alexander-john-scott-nelsons-secret-agent Background... I have a close friend in Hong Kong who is the direct descendant of Alexander Scott. A while back I spoke of Navel Action-OW and Waterloo and the politics of the day with our group when he reveled the ancestor and gave me this book above. His father continues to hold letters between Lord Nelson and Scott he’s also donated papers to the National Naval museum. The Book... Is based on Scotts Journals and was Published by his Daughter and Son in-law. For those interested in the more strategic elements a foot in the age of sail this gives some answers even though it’s from a one-sided point of view. My first thought on finishing this book was “Patrick O’Brian’s” Maturin character must have had inspiration here from Scott’s life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Maturin The SPY in the Age of Sail... Many of you may know already my fascination with the Intelligence community using [ELAN] & [EDARK]. The problem at the time and in fact right up until the first world war was it was frowned upon. To such an extent that Britain (The Admiralty) or France (Talleyrand) would aggressively deny its use. The James Bond character (or Syndey Riley) was not seen to be heroic at all. In fact, under hand and not really sporting but was a vital part of the war effort for both sides. Little is written on the subject and that’s why I recommend this book as its looking through the man’s eyes. A Man of God, a devoted friend to a Charismatic leader and seeing Britain’s danger must have conflicted Scott greatly... I believe it can be downloaded for FREE as well, let me know what you think Norfolk.
  2. [HRE] Lanfire

    Attack own Nation (Spies)

    Good evening sailors, After many conversations with players from different nations, I now make this topic. In every nation there are spies from other nations. Contrary to reality, it is not possible in NavalAction to punish these because of their activities against their own nation. This is easy with the pirates as they are allowed to attack their own nation, but the other nations must also have some chance to punish spies. Here is a suggestion: It should be a kind of voting system or a spy button in the open world. Voting system: This would work so that a name could be inserted in the Admiralty and this is marked as a possible spy. A vote would then take place for a certain time. If the player as an example a certain number vote against him, he would be marked similar to the "Recently Killed" tag, as a spy. By this mark, he would no longer be under the protection of his nation and could be attacked. By the admiralty mark, this "tag" would be valid as an example "1 week". If the player, who is suspected under espionage, several times, lets say 3 times, had been marked as spy, he get the "Forget Papers" and would have 3 days, voluntarily change the nation. If he does not perceive this change, he would be compulsorily and the player and all his items/ships would be teleported to the nearest "Freeport" of the nation of his future election, of course the forged papers are withdrawn. The nation, which would have spoiled him as a spy, would then, of course, no longer be the choice. Spy button: When left clicking on the player, appears next to the existing buttons: Private Message / Group / Battlegroup, another selection with the name: Possible Spy. If this player were to be marked by at least 5 players within 10 minutes or so, a timer (10min) would start, giving the marked player an opportunity to get himself and his ship safe. After expiry of this timer, the whole nation could attack him for 24 hours. Now it is up to you guys and girls, to make suggestions and let the conversation beginn, in the hope that the Devs ( @admin, @Ink) change something and we get this spy problem somehow under control. Remember, spies / traitors were always hanged in the story! Forgive me my bad english, but it is not my main language.
  3. Kloothommel

    ALt abuse - Spying

    Like the topic says.Spying in different nations via alts should be dealt with I remember a post by @admin that when caught it would be punished. Exhibits below: one captain passing on data to other nation, saying wrong account (Captain Alexander). Bonus: One captain admitting to it, in different nations (Otto Kohl).
  4. Cpt Blackthorne

    PvP2 - Spy List

    I propose this topic as a Spy List for anyone to contribute about Spies on the PvP 2 server. Please list the player's primary and alt names and nations with some sort of proof, i.e. chat log, multiple confirmations from other players, etc. This is not to be a name-calling/targeting post, but rather a sharing of information. I will keep this list updated from any comments made below. Post in the following format: IGN / Nation - Alt IGN / Nation - proof or suspicion Known Spies - Valid proof supported Suspected Spies - Speculative proof Note: if you have no valid/speculative proof, your submission will not make the updated list. Also, if your name is listed, please quote your accuser and make your case.