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Found 11 results

  1. Book: When Britain Burned the White House Peter Snow, 2013 https://www.amazon.com/When-Britain-Burned-White-House/dp/1250048281 Hadn’t done a book review for sometime and thought this is one might be useful for the New Ultimate-Age of Sail testing by @sterner. A Campaign mission around this incident would be interesting. The book tells of the 1814 invasion of Washington DC by British forces. Anybody from the UK will know John Snow the journalist very well indeed. He and his nephew have done some great battle re-works over the years. In this work John Snow gives a very readable piece covering the amphibious assaults on Washington DC and Baltimore. The key is Snow’s narrative bringing the story alive making it read like a thriller. With colourful details regarding personalities and their interactions with one another. The notes on Harry Smith and George De Lacy Evans giving new revelations was an insight on the events. I buried the book in a weekend without even noticing… The book contains several maps and glossy prints of the participants and the White House of course. However, the book only gives a brief outline to the British-US war of 1812 and its outcome. Also, from a Naval-Action point of view it is lacking in big picture detail surrounding the Naval events. It does cover the FORT McHenry bombardment from British Bomb ships though. Summary For me from an armchair strategists’ point of view, we start to see the development of British Armed Forces working together as a team. Before we’d seen the Royal Navy as a delivery system only, like in the Peninsula campaigns of Portugal. The influence of Admiralty butting heads with Senior Army hierarchy is interesting here while fighting the young American’s. That friction of Navy, Army and air force still exists to this day in many ways… The book I would recommend actually to all GL Forum members from UG to NA-OW. I bet you’ll struggle to put this book down…! Regards Norfolk nChance [ELITE] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_of_Washington
  2. So I was having a jolly good fight with a Swedish fellow Canon Ball and the fight was drawing to a close, boarded him once perfectly fine, he disengaged so I started to board him again. Here was me thinking, right, this fight is in the bag, it's been a while since I killed an Ingermanland. When I pulled I expected me to be sailing around quite merrily within a few moments outside the Swedish capital as they're so terribly desperate for content I'm told. But no, I ended up being catapulted several hundred feet into the air hitting the water and then capsizing losing another expensive ship to a glitch (my snows ain't cheap, copper plating usually goes on them etc but I can't remember what this build was). Please gib me my snow back.
  3. Why does the Snow only have 1425 sail hp? For comparison the cutter has 900 and other 6th rates around 2500. I can get behind it having a paper hull/armor in exchange for the fair amount of guns, but the abysmal sail hp combined with the paper hull cripples it too much in pvp. Did i overlook something? What's supposed to be the role of the Snow in PvP, if any?
  4. I know the snow has a fair amount of guns but how are the low hitpoints justified? Even build from Sabicu wood it just melts like butter vs other 6th rates... 1900 side structure while the others have 2200 - 2500 and its sail hp are abysmal too. Is this really justified by the few more guns and good sailing profile?
  5. Hey, I crafted a snow today and included 2 CN in it. I obtained only a green snow (common). Is this normal ? In Willemstad at around 12:45. Rgds, Nico
  6. Current system for gaining new ships is completely random in learning to build the specialty ships down the line, either by breaking them up or by building the base ship (i.e. break up a Privateer or build a Lynx or Trader Lynx for a chance to learn to build a Privateer). Having it purely luck based isn't very immersive: Trader Joe has built 100 Brigs but still can't build a Navy Brig, but Trader Jeff broke one up once and can build it just fine. Joe is frustrated (no gains from the huge amounts of resources) while Jeff is getting rich just from being lucky. So lets change it from a lottery system to one of hard work and investment paying off! Two different approaches that are much less "gamey" and add to immersion: Simulate Gained Experience: Have the chance of a ship note dropping increase for each ship built/broken up. Simulate Shipwright's School: At key crafting levels players gain the ability to "craft" courses in building specialty ships. For example: At crafter level 3, under Craft/Ships, you gain a new BP called "Course: Privateer Design". It costs 1000 labour hours and 100 gold coins. It produces a Privateer Note. At crafter level 10, "Course: Navy Brig Design" It costs 1,200 labour hours, and 120 gold coins. Produces a Navy Brig Note.
  7. This is a simple love letter, from a pirate, to the snow, as it is the perfect pirate vessel. Of the smaller vessels (i.e. pre-frigate/pre-Cerberus vessels), vessels that pirates historically favored to deep-draught and slower vessels, the Snow stands out as one best suited for a "Pirate's life" in-game. She is unique in almost all fashions when compared to her other small vessel sisters, and that is her best quality. But what specifically makes her the best (small) option for a Pirate? To start, she is rather small for her class, regarding to both length and width. Her predecessor, the brig, and her successor, the Mercury, are both much larger in these measurements. This gives the snow a slight (or sometimes not-so-slight) advantage in maneuverability. Even up against ships like the cutter or Privateer can she hold her own with relative ease. Her only drawback in this area is her height, which, unlike the other small vessels who are low to the water line, she presents a rather tall and easy to hit target in this respect. NOTE: The Devs have confirmed that because of her design, inspired by the HMS Ontario, the Snow's magazine is located unusually high in the hull. This makes the Snow a bit more prone to exploding via direct hits to the magazine or due to fires. Next we have her armament, her broadsides alone holds 11 cannons each (8 on the gundeck, 3 on the upper-deck), which is one more cannon per broadside than the Mercury (although poundage has been sacrificed in this regard). The snow packs a powerful punch for her size, and gets the job done with little fuss. But it's not her broadsides that makes her the best Pirate ship. No, instead, it is her chasers. More importantly, it's her bow chasers. The Brig is the first ship with any type of chasers, and it only has stern chasers. Like it's predecessor, the Snow's stern chasers can be well utilized when attempting to escape more powerful Navy vessels, allowing for a clean getaway. However it is her bow chasers that really make the difference; the bow chasers allow you to hound and harass those cowardly unarmed traders without having to turn for broadsides, thus never losing distance with your prey. No other ship in the pre-frigate class has bow-chasers, the Mercury doesn't have any chasers at all! The Snow fits the pirate bill perfectly; small, nimble, packs a punch, and can give a good chase, as well as lead one. She should be on every pirate's wishlist. And she's a bonny looking ship to boot. Check out my other short ship synopses: Lynx/Privateer - The Pirate's Little Helper Brig/Navy Brig - The Good Teacher Cheers,
  8. From the album: Light Ships

    The Snow in OW
  9. Van Hoorn After a good research I can confirm and provide plans for the future development of 'van Hoorn' snow in Naval Actions. Example image: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20071207185337/potbs/images/3/35/888.jpg
  10. The Snow class snauwschip is a lightly armed trading ship (6 to 12 guns?) that largely was used in trade with the West-Indies by Dutch trading companies. Painting of ships from the Middelburgse Commercie Companie (Middelburg's Commercial Company), a southern branch of the VOC. Traded also a lot of the African population to South America and Caribbean in the 17th and 18th century. Ship on the far right is "Eenigheid" ("Unity") (close up picture). Though these look different from the plan and animation below. So not sure why the difference. company logo/brand: The plan below is that of the general ship class, not a specific named ship. Alternative link: http://mmr.adlibhosting.com/madigopacx/wwwopac.ashx?command=getcontent&server=Maritime&value=http%3A%2F%2Fmmr.adlibhosting.com%2Fgraphics%2Fnsa\A0999\A0132(02)17_XS_LO.JPG Cross section of "Eenigheid" (Unity), variation of the trading Snow:
  11. We plan to have to have 2 types of that ship 1) McKay drawings body (with spanker boom) - more sturdy, less agile and speedy 2) Original (without spanker boom) snow rigged - more agile, and built for speed can you please provide us with drawings or refs for the sailplan these 2 ships should have?
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