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Found 3 results

  1. First here is a video about 27ship that I sunk or captured. Those ships were sailed by players that were active looking for pvp fights. To most used books belong the the 3 encyclopedias. What is the reason for this? The gunnery encyclopedia is crafted out of 4 different books. Book of five rings obvious out of 5 books and last but not least the art of ship handling is made out of 2 books. Each encyclopedia uses currently 1 slot . So its actuall possible to use a ship with (4+5+2) + 2 = 13 slots in total. I propse to change encyclopedias to use 2 (ship handling and gunnery) and book of 5 rings = 3 knowledge slots. That would even out the field even with no access to those books.
  2. tl;dr: should PvP be a good way to unlock ship knowledge slots or should that mainly be something you need to PvE grind for? I like to PvP a lot and really have not done a hard PvE grind since the end of the Pirate-Dane war. I feel like I probably sink more player ships than 95% of the server. I've been at least appearing on the PvP board each night (though really that just means I find 1-2 people to kill and get kill credit for. My "95%" figure is really because I think 95% of the server sinks no one at all on an average night and the kill board generally supports this). It kind of grinds my gears, though, to realize that if I want more ship knowledge slots then realistically I need to go grind more NPCs. It will take months of PvP to unlock slots because it just takes a long time to find people to kill (and then usually a lengthy battle to kill them). We currently get double xp but double xp for kills that are probably literally 20x more time consuming in terms of finding them and killing them means PvPers will always be way behind the curve. I really could argue either way on this issue, though: A. It really should be something you PvE grind for. PvE plays an important role in this game and some things must be accomplished via PvE and ship knowledge slots is just one of those things. Go do more port flips, noob, and use a tanked out version of your favorite PvP ship to do it. You want to PvP in a Surprise? Well go grind missions or contention in an LO/WO Surprise and get a bunch of quick XP that way. B. It should be something PvPers can realistically get too. I do feel we should address the exploitability of this but there must be a reasonable way to make PvPers get more knowledge unlock XP. Like maybe there's a grade: Sink any storebought ship: no bonus Sink any 6th rate or below: no bonus Sink any custom built 5th rate: bonus ship knowledge XP based on BR Sink any ship that costs combat marks to build: extra bonus Sink any ship that costs victory marks to build: extra extra bonus So a PvPer sinking traders, Mercuries and storebought Cerbs gets little or no bonus ship knowledge. But a PvPer who manages to sink a couple of custom Constitutions gets a pretty sizable amount of bonus ship knowledge. It can still be "exploited" -- let me build you a Connie and then let me sink it -- but at least it's expensive...?
  3. PIerrick de Badas

    Stair farming and skill slot

    I got the understanding on the new system of xp. It's interesting and it will help people to focus on a ship More you farm on it more you get dedicated xp and more it help you to got slot for your skills BUT When you reach a good level on a ship, the next slots need and xp and slots on others ships For example: On consitution, the 3th slot need 21k xp AND 4 slots open on endemyon On Suprrise the 4th slot need and xp and 3 slots open on renomee etc It's basicly a stair You need to open the slots on the smaller ship allowing you to open slots on the ship followign etc etc if you want to open the slots on some ships. If you are max rank and want to play on the 4ships you want, you will be forced to farm every ships to open the slots on this 4 dedicated ships as you will not be able to open them withtout open end slots of ships before which is necessayr to open slots on ship before which is need to open slots on ship before which etc etc etc I'm really against this system, it's the one we got before steam launch and it was named an error by admin on this time. Their excuse was to force us to tests the ships we dislike to get data. We can figure than 1.5 years after, devs got enough data on all ships to not force us to farm in cerberus to open slots on renomme or farm 3th rate to open slots on bellona or pavel. Thans you to support it and to make devs change their mind about this crazyness. Focusing on a ship to open his slots OK Spending hours farming ships you dislike to open slots on ship you love NO