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Found 3 results

  1. TommyShelby


    Hey everyone! I just bought this game called Foxhole and it seems really cool. Funnily enough i've already met a GAF player (German Assault Fleet - @Sepp Stuart) and Salty. In short the game is a top down MMO in which you take part in a persistent war. And while many thinks that the soldier himself is the backbone of the army, in reality and in Foxhole, the backbone of the army is the Logistics people. They produce everything that the soldiers need to keep on fighting. I'd argue that the game has a role for every playstyle you can imagine. The maps are quite large and there can be up to 140 players on a single server. Teamwork is essential for any team to be victorious. Soo, i'm wondering, is anyone else playing this game? Cheers. Tommy Shelby.
  2. My main question is stated in the title. Why are battles limited to instances? Would it be so difficult to make it into a sandbox of sorts where pvp is conducted in OW?
  3. Hi, as mentioned by admin in the big ROE thread, lots of ppl are suggesting the implementation of an Honour system, but not a detailed plan has been delivered. Challenge accepted, here are my 1st thoughts on it, pls feel free to comment, find loopholes and suggest improvements. I'll try to recap and summarize. Every player starts of with a default value of 100%. Your actions in the game will let you improve or decrease your honour value. Honour recalculation is only applied when: - You're in a battle with at least 1 enemy player (ganking AI wont harm you're BR, check 4th bullet) - Your side initiates the battle - The battle rating has a difference of >50% - When a player joins the enemy-side in a battle of you ganking AI, his/her stupidity wont affect your honour. AI is also calculated in the battle rating, therefore a battle between 1 player lynx and 1 AI lynx vs 1 player lynx is still a dishonourable fight for the player with the AI on his side. (note to admin, this also implies autospawning of AI and getting AI sucked into a battle should be removed from the game) For every battle initiated with a + 50% BR the honour of the captain will drop by 1% For every battle initiated with a -50% BR the honour will rise by 0.1% Honour is easily lost, but harder to build up, like IRL. If the BR ratings are even more diverse, more points will be reduced/ gained. For example: 100% difference: 2 points down, or 0.2 points up, 150% difference: 4points down, or 0.4 points up, 200%, 8 points down etcetera etcetera. The bigger the gank, the harder the penalty in honour. Penal system: Honour above 95% is not having any effects on your income and rank. But... 95-90% honour: XP and gold income from all battles will be reduced by 20% (also counts for selling ships and trade) 90-85% honour: XP and gold income reduced by 50%, player ranks above master and commander are demoted 1 rank. 85-80% honour: XP and gold reduced by 80%, player demotes to a master and commander on instance. 80-0% honour: player is brought to justice at the admirality and wont be able to play before his case has been processed, possible penalties: demoting to ensign, banned from the nation (thus become a pirate in a lynx). Reward system: Again honour between 100 and 105 is not doing anything for you, just feel proud. 105-110%: XP and gold income increase by 5% 110-115%: XP and gold income increase by 10% 115-120%: 10% increase, also better officers are available for your ships and will stay with you as long as your honour is 115 or above. 120-125%: same perks as 115-120, but now you are allowed to start your own industries and get a rank above rear admiral 125-1000 : now you are a valued and respected member of you nation, perks are open for debate. It all depends on who initiates the battle, so a lynx attacking a bigger ship wont devalue the honour of the attacked, nor can he complain about being ganked when the attacker gets reinforced and ganks him. He/she should learn a lesson here, maybe it wasnt such a good idea to attack that ship in those waters... as a honour protection, the captain who initiates a battle must be warned when other players want to join his side, he/she can then allow those players to join and therefore avoid being portrayed as a ganker without his own doing. It still is a rough concept, needs work and finetuning. So let the debate begin... Grtzzz Bubbles