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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I recently bought into the EA, following the release of the british campaign, skimming through most of it, but I did play the first mission to the death trying to get the feel for naval combat. As for the experience I am basing this feedback on, I played both UG games, but more importantly I played Naval Action going all the way back to the Sea Trials. Also, unsurprisingly, I am a military history nerd. But to the point. 1) Sailing I find the current implementation of sailing more than servicable. So much so that I do in fact have only major issue with it and that's the ships inertia, changing sail is nearly instant, on which point alright, fine, but the change feels far too quick to affect the ship. Shortening sail from full to almost none will make the ship stop on a dime, and that just doesn't sit right with me. That is, however, a debate on arcade vs sim and I don't know how far you intend to go in either direction, so I am simply gving feedback, hoping to hear back for future reference. Minor annoyances include lack of control over which sails are actually being set (I would at the very least love to see a dedicated option for combat sail and an option to shorten all topsail to reduce list due to wind effects) and the inexplicable enthusiasm of the AI to get itself stranded in the wind. 2) Combat Now I am regrettably not a happy camper in regards to this one. I am impressed by the mechanics regarding ranges and pentration, little can be done to improve that, accuracy of the gunners gets the job done, though at times I find them perhaps too good at their job. Particularly at range. Using Richmond as measure, at a range of 5 or more ships length, absolute majority of the 18 pounders will remain dead on target, which I don't find particularly realistic, considering the size of the ships involved and the level of experience of their crews. My main concern though, lies with the damage model. Like I said, I played the first mission to the death, I tested every angle, every range, every type of shot. First of all what kind of mythical heroes am I playing against here? I have the enemy sloop to my leeward, he's stranded in the wind, armour stripped, I am raking him bow to stern, he lost his mizzenmast, most of his guns, is taking on water and yet he will not strike. While I certainly applaud his bravery, it just seems a little too much. Is this an intentional mechanic to force players into aggressive boarding actions rather than playing it safe with a ranged engagement as a tactic for capturing enemy ships? If so I am certainly no fan of it. If not, it needs significant adjustment. If a ship takes a broadside that shaves away over a quarter of her armour hitpoints, I certainly don't want to see her just sit there and take 8 more like it. More work on the morale meter perhaps, reflecting the overall state of the ship, her crew, her sails and her armamament, as well as the time period in which this damage was dealt to her. Perhaps not to make her outright strike, but to make her susceptible to do so, ie. half-hearted defence of a boarding action, striking after suffering another artillery shock, or striking when suffering further critical damage (losing a mast, taking on water, rudder etc.) In any case, I shouldn't feel like the more predictable result of a gunnery duel is blowing the enemy up rather then surrendering him. Which gets me to, i suppose hitboxes? Or more accurately on hit effects? Now the first hits simply stripping planking I understand, a game mechanic, a good one, it works, I like it. But when the armour chips away there follows a mess. The effect of round shot on ships components is somewhat satisfactory. The damage reflects the angles of impact well and I can say that when I did feel like I've managed a good broadside, I also felt like I was adequately rewarded with good damage. To the ship. The crews, on the other hand, appear to be bulletproof. I'm not expecting to be killing dozens here, but when I pull of a very steeply angled shot, all but raking the enemy ship, with the shot actually going out the other side, so clearly fully penetrating, well when such a broadside takes 5 guns and only 4 enemy crewmembers... something ain't right. When another broadside smashes into the enemy on his uproll, below the waterline, blows a water pump, hits ammo stores, hits a mast, takes out two guns and takes out one crewman, that's just plain wrong. I can take my ship yardarm to yardarm with the battered and now unarmoured AI, load canister, and blast it in from so close his men might as well lean over to try and snuff the fuse, and when that barrage kills a grand total of 0-3 men, something clearly needs to change. This was not a one off. I did this multiple times, tested out different ranges and angles too, different states of armour. The results were always identical. No more than 6 men killed, quite often none. Canister is in fact so ineffective, that the musket fire from the on-board marines does multiple times more damage to crews, and not just over time, but per volley. At point blank ranges, being blasted through with 12 pounders, I would expect the men on those sloops to drop in double digit numbers. Perhaps this is something you deem too extreme for the purpose of the game, in which case I would have to disaggree, perhaps this is something that plays out far smoother on larger ships I have yet to test. At any rate, during my tests in the first battle, these mechanics felt entirely out of tune. 3) Land Combat I haven't done enough of it to comment on mechanics, but one thing I will say is, can we please have more music? Meaning pipes sounding orders, drums for marching, more marching songs... and so on and so forth. I know you already have it present to a degree, but I would like to see it more pronounced over the sound effects ie. the sound of footsteps feels far too loud in comparison to the drum etc. That's about all I have now. I suppose I'll be making more posts as I progress.
  2. The OW doesn't seem to let you use yard controls. You can sail directly into the wind without ever ending up in irons. With sails fully reefed, you can turn on a dime, regardless of where the wind is coming from. The speeds in the OW far surpass the speeds listed for the ships, and the speeds seen in combat. I have seen others mention the tedium of traversing the OW. I imagine much of it has to do with how it involves hardly any sailing skill. Here are just a few things that I think would make travel in the OW a game unto itself. Include the sailing mechanics already present in combat. Reefs and rocks that you can see if you look for them, but will tear your hull apart if you miss them. Planning supplies for your crew. Do you take extra in case you don't get to your destination by the time you had planned? Or do you go with the bare minimum that you can get away with so that you can pack more merchandise into your hull, and risk losing crew? Storms! Outrun them if you can, or reef your sails and heave to. Folks sailing broad reach in a storm under full sails will get torn sails, dismasted, or even sail straight down to the ocean floor. Replace the heading indicator and wind arrow with a simple compass. There are plenty of other ways to tell which way the wind blows already in the game. Ocean currents. Contend with the prevailing currents while navigating. Just because you know which way your ship is pointing, doesn't mean that is the direction your ship is going.
  3. Suggestion with example: when T is used(depower) at full sails and the ship goes to dead slow and T is pressed again (bring back staysails) the ship will still have squaresails at dead slow but staysails are at full sails configuration. Double tap T will hoist staysails of the current sail configuration Currrent ingame example: At Full sails 100% you press T (removing staysails) and you go to dead slow 20% (square sails) and you press T again (hoist staysails) you only get the dead slow staysails 20%. Regarding my suggestion: At Full sails 100% you press T (removing staysails) and you go to dead slow 20% (square sails )and you press T again (hoist staysails) you get the full staysails 100%. At Full 100% sails you press T (removing staysails) and you go to dead slow 20% (square sails) and you double tap T again (hoist staysails) you get the dead slow staysails 20%. Its just a small feature for more sail area control Pros: more sail control Cons: sometimes more clicking
  4. Docu-series to watch while you are open world sailing
  5. My god she's a beaut!
  6. This topic about physics of sailing Purpose=More realistic game play 1.)Simple example about Physics While Sailng you must always consider dragging force and lifting force and there is a opposite force which is rudder force.Sail force is forward of hull force by amount 'L', boat will turn downwind unless rudder force is used to correct As you see there is a need for continuous rudder force depends on wind direction and wind force and hull angle and most important of them is sail trim quality(Because Sail trim quailty effects all of them) 2.)İdeas for game content +Adjustable Rudder by degrees(Like ship simulation games,) +Wind Force (Strong Wind, medium wind, gale, etc. İ know there is a topic about wind force) +Sail trim quality(Maybe it can be depends on number of sailing crew, Sailed miles,crew rigging quality, maybe officer ability ) +Speed adjustment depends on rudder positon(higher degrees will decreases speed ) 3.)What İ expected: -Realism -We will not bored while sailing in battles -Harder and mindful battles(harder to create line and staying in line) -Need to consider wind advantage (Captains will not want to lose wind) -Abilty to create advantage from disadvantage situaton(if you have good rigging and assign all your crew to sail then you can reach your max speed while your enemies realoading guns) Exemples 1.)if u set your rudder to 30° it will stay until you change it 1.) if dont set your sails, ship will be turn to the upwind 2.) Ship=Victory Ship=Victory Ship=Victory Wind=Strong from right(90°to the hull) Wind=Strong from right(90°to the hull) Wind=Strong from back right(135°to the hull)(That will decrease angle and aerodynamiclift) Crew on sailing= 300 Crew on sailing= 200 Crew on sailing= 200 Rigging Quality= good Rigging Quality= good Rigging Quality= Bad == == == Expected Speed= 10.1kn Expected Speed= 9.5kn Expected Speed= 10.3kn Expected Rudder Degrees=100 Expected Rudder Degrees=110 Expected Rudder Degrees=115 RUDDER= (left)0__|__ 180(right) (90°is middle) İ try to explain,Sorry for my bad english Kaptann
  7. Hi there. I would like to suggest the implementation of a feature that adds a bit of content to manual sailing, the ability to manually select which sails you set. For example, say you want to sail the Lynx as a fore and aft schooner and not set the square topsail. This would allow the boat to sail closer to the wind. Without the square topsail set however, this could affect the boat's sail balance which would cause the helm to tend to drift to a direction. SO, the sails you set would affect sail balance and the user (if he or she decides to select sails to set manually) would need to keep in mind which sails are set and how it would affect the boat's overall balance. Personally, I think this would open up a whole new challenge to the game which I am sure some players would welcome. Others however I am sure would not like the ability to have the ability to choose which sails are set. This would require a button which would switch on this mode. The button could open up a menu with all the sails laid out so one could just simply click which sails to set. Would love to see what people think about this idea!
  8. With the announcement of the crew management changes this discussion came up because the devs think about disabling ship-teleports. Different opinions on that issue came up, so I thought it would be interresting to see what is favoured. Therefore I made this poll. Edit: And pls post your opinion/arguments if you want and how the poll can be improved! Edit2: Understand the answers in question 2 like that: Answer1: No cost, no risk, no time. Answer2: Some costs, maybe some restrictions, no risk Answer3: Some costs & risk Answer4: Sailing yourself!
  9. Why can't the wind direction be more random than it is now? It seems that it just goes counterclockwise all day, all night. Making it more random would make sailing a bit more challenging and a lot more realistic. Why don't ships take some sort of random damage during storms? There should be the possibility of random damage from sailing into / through a storm. Right now, there is only a speed penalty.
  10. Hi dear Developers. I write this post to give some ideas about oceanic navigation in OW. One of the best things in this game is that it was GPS less, (excepting 3rds apps like vedmed map and others). But the map included is very simple and we don't have any tool to navigate properly. You should use a better and map and add to it some tools like a ruler, a protractor, a pen, a drawing compass and a clock. To allow this you should take out the F11 coordinates tool or change the mechanics to be able to use it only sometimes in a day. You should put some 3d landmarks in main islands, capes and gulfs like towers or lighhouses (maybe with a name over them like in the ports) The OW spyglass should have a compass to know where are you looking at. Thanks
  11. please note i started writing this around 3 in the morning i apologize for any grammar mistake and i rarely go on the forums and if there were any ideas that someone else wrote i apologize in advance. I bought this game on day one of steam release and i have really enjoy the game . I have few suggestion for this game. Hopefully this is a balance approach to many thing . Garrison of ships and troops: the garrison of ships,ammo, soldiers/sailors/marines and guns at ports that Lord Protector can buy. This give merchant captains ( a mission for Merchant captains to do ) to send resources to a given port.With building added to the game and having to pay gold to take out material, that gold than would be use to buy (garrison) / pay merchant captain ( the gold would not go to the lord protecor but to the ports bank if want to call it that ) who help deliver ( or have an AI convey set) The Lord Protector can use his/her money to buy garrison force if he/her chose to. With the garrison it is to help defend with port attacks/ raids if you build to many ships (25 is the cap) and there is a port battle the defenders will only have AI ships but if you build less than 25 (depending on the number of defenders) than you can call reinforcement or have it part of the defending fleet. Also one last point to recruit soldiers/sailors/marines it can only be done at capital/ regional capital which reinforces the idea that nation needs a merchant fleet to send supplies and man power to hold territory. Also to add at the start of the game (day one on steam) nations already had control on some port ( spain had alot) there should be default garrison of ships and troops enough to challenge players. Raids on port: can be called any time to help reduce the influence of another nation and gives you access to that port for one hour. If there is a garrison of ships and troops you must destroy most of the defenders to gain access Influence meter: In short it is what a port thinks of other nations.To lower the meter a nation must conduct raiding operation.Also to take the port the influence meter must be low to start a port battle for pirates it has to be close to zero.Pirates have the daunting task of getting the influence meter very low, reason being pirates never could keep many territories and keep order but at the same time this is a game and nerfing the pirates to a point that makes it un-playable is not fair the mind set of the influence meter is to prevent one nation from steam rolling another nation. You could say an end goal or a reason to have ports is for a nation to have is the most influence in the Caribbean each port world have influence points that could add up not sure how many would be needed to be called winner or how long it would last but it gives purpose to taking ports. Port battle timers : should have a set time/day and can only be attack once per week if a nation attacks a port ,that nation also must defend it (counter attack from the nation that just lost it ) before the new owner can change the timer/ day in there favor (they should have 24 hour to defend with the original timer/ day) . Port battle : I believe forts are in the works but the main point i have with this is marine landing. On top of destroying tower/forts and the defending fleet the attacker must have troop ship to land marines into the fort (if still alive) and town. granted someone may say if you destroy the defending fleet and tower/fort what is the point and having a troop ship my point is you have to destroy the garrison in the town if there is one. Also the color or the marines upgrade that is in the game now would give the quality of training for marines and price for recruitment Sailing races in naval action "Regattas" :in short you start at one point and race to another with the fastest time you can race with other player or try to beat a certain time that someone else has. you cant have any guns on your ships and cannot be attack. this is something to have fun and test build of your ships/ skills. Also just like having a conquest flag/ calling a port battle you can host a regatta and anyone who attends it will have a race flag above there ship anyone from any nation can join. Food and Water: With this point you can safely assume its it meant for sailing long voyages which it is but also for your port as well. to produce food building can only be built at certain ports two big ones are regional capitals and your nation capital and then some in between . (to note food building at regional and nation capital can have all the assorted food types while the other port can only have what that port produces). to note this is towards feeding garrisons in ports Pardons should only be granted by lord protectors and any nation can give them except pirates . The ideas are ways that i think would make this game have that immersive feel to it .its not to give one nation advantage but to challenge every player. . It also give reason to take ports. At the moment ports have no meaning or reason to take, its mostly bragging rights. Also some player strictly focus on crafting and trading which adding the ability to supply ports gives incentives to players who only want to focus on trading aspects of the game.
  12. Ahoy Captains, It took me a lot of time, reading, and watching tutorials to grasp even the basics of manual sailing, and I wanted to do something for new players so that they may gain a better understanding in a more time-effective manner. To that end, I have employed my design skills into an easily read chart of sail positions to achieve tight, efficient turns in combat (configurations that are accessible to new players, though they will cost the player some speed and rudder authority), but I would love to have some feedback from more experienced players on how I can make these charts even more useful. Do you know of any better sailing configurations for tight turns? Are these charts navigable and intuitive? Let me know your thoughts so that I can improve these for all players to use! Thanks.
  13. Ahoy! Just in case any of you don't visit the wiki all too often, here are couple of guides I've added there on the topic of ships' sailing capabilities. My guide on the Sailing Profile of ships discusses ships' relative speeds on different points and should help you figure out how to make best use of your ship. My guide on Ship Speeds instead gives non-normalised speed values based on the default speed of the different ships. This should give an indication of how fast your ship can go on different points. They only go up to the light frigates as I have yet to construct or capture anything heavier pending further promotion. But stay tuned and the guides should grow. Remember that in both of these instances, guns, outfitting, wood type, etc. can affect the behaviour of ships. Fair winds!
  14. At the moment , travel time is dead time. I propose that you should gain experience for travelling across the map. However, you should not get experience for sailing through the same areas over and over. If the map were discreetly divided into grid squares, then you could gain experience for travelling through a new grid square but not for one you've already visited (this could be reset perhaps once a week). This means that if you're just running missions in an area (e.g. Jamaica) you're not gaining much travel xp. I think we need to reward players for striking out and exploring new seas. It also seems unfair that traders, who sail vast distances to source goods, are not rewarded with xp for their time.
  15. Hi there! I have decided to post regarding some of the sailing dynamics in Naval action. Please note that my suggestion is only for in battle sailing. As a tall ship sailor in real life, I am really excited about Naval Action overall. I have been playing for just over a week now and really enjoy the game. One area that I noticed right after being in my first battle was the sailing dynamics of the ships. Yes, they are quite realistic for a video game however I see an area which should be improved, square sails. Currently, you are able to sail very close to the wind with the square sail set and not suffer a speed penalty. In real life, if you have your square sail set and you are above, say 45 degrees to the wind, your square sail will slow the vessel down. I really think there should be a speed penalty for the square sail being set if a vessel is pointing too high. Of course, this would make the game a bit more challenging however, whats a good game without a challenge? Keep up the good work! theTopsail
  16. I find the night time sailing very poor visuals when they could easily be far brighter and colourful. I attach real photos taken in the Caribbean. As its a game even further enhancement for poetic license could be permitted. Loving the big moon ! https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=caribbean+moonlight+seascapes&biw=1366&bih=671&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAWoVChMI3fOW1-fOyAIVh1QUCh0L-wmN#imgrc=a6loozkoTwF0IM%3A http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/photo/sea-landscape-at-night-full-moon-royalty-free-image/526267249 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/426997608394555074/ http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/photo/woman-stands-in-the-glow-of-the-moon-on-a-high-res-stock-photography/539657237
  17. OK Midshipmen, Here is a cabin for those boys new to the ship, where we learn what it takes to captain a vessel. I'm hoping this topic will become a nice Q and A area where we can bring our newest Midshipmen up to speed. First: What is a midshipman? A Midshipman was a boy of about 12 years of age, educated, and often of the upper class. His role was to learn how to be a good officer, and eventually a Captain. A Midshipman had command rank above most sailors, who were legally bound to obey the Midshipmans orders or face disciplinary action. Midshipmen however would merely face the switch if they failed in their duties. At the end of their stint as a midshipman, they could take the officers exam to become a lieutenant at age 18. How is a Midshipman different that a powder monkey? A powered monkey is a boy with little or no education from the lower classes, who carries gunpowder and is learning a sailing trade. Midshipmen served in their respective navy. They had a collective (very small) cabin aboard most ships. In the cabin they could work on their lessons, or relax in their time off. (I'm writing this as we sail between ports) Frederick Bunnington III
  18. Given the recent discussions regarding speed mods (and here), why PVP is currently at a premium and the changes to rules of engagement, it's becoming more apparent that 'the chase' in this game will be just as, if not more important than the actual battles. If you can set up a ship to outrun anyone then you win, or more importantly you never lose. Recent nerfs to the faster ships also highlight this. We need variation when it comes to ships and in particular, speed. Firstly, I think every ship should have inherent variations to the base stats of it's class. No two ships were ever made alike and they shouldn't in game either. These variations should be small, maybe 5-10% difference either way perhaps. Mods should be limited, as they're just as likely to end up balancing the ships as they are to vary them. If my ship is faster than most of it's class but has weak planking, I'll add more planking. If it's strong but slow, I'll mod for more speed. I'm all for mods like copper sheathing that reduce biofouling and thus speed degradation but it shouldn't be an instant 5% boost to top speed. The weight of the ships cargo and load-out should come into it also. A ship packed full of shot and powder with 100 extra men and the supplies to keep them alive should be 5-10% slower than the same ship when it's under crewed, low on supplies with a near empty hold. I appreciate this is exaggerated compared to how it would have effected a ship but so long as it's not too over emphasised then I think it will improve the game. All of the above are well and good but they still don't help make sailing or 'the chase' any more interesting beyond the first couple of seconds, as by then you'll know who's going to win. What I propose is we actually make sailing a thing in game rather than merely point and go, bring skill and a slight element of luck into this part of the game. It was the 'age of sail' after all. What we first need to do this is wind speed variation (discussed here). You might have the faster ship in all but the strongest of gales but if you were running and the wind began to pick up it would rank up the tension no end. Nobody is proposing dead clams, I'd prefer having ships reduced to 1/3 - 1/2 speed in the calmest of conditions at the most. It's a must at some point and it will add variation, realism and better game play. Also, if we weren't able to see our speed at all times but could only bring it up on a delay (something like 10 seconds) as you would aboard a ship when you threw out the log. It too opens up some interesting game-play avenues and allows us to bring player skill into sailing. The skill part. Note this would only apply in 'sailing mode', the other modes work as they do now but with a small limitation on speed (maybe 5% slower than maximum speed but to be decided through testing), so that in order to reach maximum you must be in 'sailing mode'. You wouldn't know when you were going top speed until a couple of logs have been taken and you'd adjusted the angle of ship & sail according to the wind, as well as the amount of sails you have set to suit the strength of the wind (more on this to come). The player who gets this right quickest would get that head start and it would need to be adjusted every time the wind speed or direction changes. Hidden from the UI you have two figures* : One represents the amount of sails set, like the % number we do now but we just can't see it in the UI. The other is variable wind strength, let's just say another % figure to keep it simple. This wind strength figure is obviously hidden from the UI too. They're both represented visually** and audibly in game, perhaps with a handful of vague worded descriptions too taken from wind scales like (someone with a greater understanding of sailing a ship could come up with better examples): Examples for wind strength: 'light airs', 'Moderate breeze', 'Strong gale' and sail plan examples 'light air', 'close reefed', 'storm sails' A few ideas for showing wind speed visually would be : The size of the swell The sounds you hear The way the flag behaves in the wind You have to use the visual queues and sounds as well as the vague descriptions to discern both figures but these would just give you the starting point. Once you have an idea of the wind speed, your aim is to keep the sails-set % figure as close to the strength of wind as possible. 95% wind (stormy seas) you want 5% sails set for optimum speed. 10% wind strength (calm seas) you would want 90% sail showing for best performance etc. In order to judge if you're at optimum sail setting you throw out your log and if it comes back at what you know to be 80% of your top speed, you adjust sail and try again. If you're then going faster, you're moving in the right direction, trim again and test your speed until you find the sweet spot. Again the actual figures are hidden from the UI, they are purely for back-end coding. The only feedback we see to help us adjust is the speed taken from the log (on a 10s delay when you call for it) and the visual and audible queues. Creaking masts and yards from the wood working (maybe before they break/cause damage to sails) when we have too much sail set and the reduced speed when you have too little set. Players who know their ship's inherent attributes like it's top speed, it's best point of sail combined with it's favoured conditions will reach top speed quicker. The skilled players will judge conditions better and make more accurate adjustments than inexperienced players. * These figures would be variables in the code, they wouldn't be % percentages, I've just used that for ease of understanding. '100%' wind strength simply means the highest wind strength in the game. '0%' does not mean dead calm - no wind at all. It represents the slowest wind speed in the game. Obviously for gameplay purposes this would not be too slow. Maybe enough wind so that all ships hit at least 1/3- 1/2 of their top speed when wind variation is at '0%' **The sails set figure is obviously represented visually on the ship. Depending on how much detail the devs think we can go into, you would have a number of sail plans, just like we do currently in game but ideally a few more of them. The 100% would include stunsl's like this not, the 'white elephant' sail plan we often see, they weren't commonly (if at all) used like that.
  19. Ahoy Matees! I want to mention a couple observations and suggestions on the sailing mechanics in regards to leeway and currents. LEEWAY I don't know if this has been covered yet and forgive me about lacking clarity in trying to convey but I haven't noticed any LEEWAY (the sideways drift of a ship to leeward of the desired course). When on a beam reach (the wind is coming from the side {65-125 degrees }), my ship should move slightly down wind or leeward. Leeway should increase the more lateral wind there is pushing your sails. Leeway also increases with heel. I know this is a very complex mechanic and not neccessarily neccessary, but it would enhance realism, strategy, and players' appreciation for sailing. DANGER OF LEEWAY: LEE SHORE Also, historically, especially with square-rigged sails, a lee shore was a dreaded thought for sailors. This is when shore is within sight but the wind is headed directly towards it. This is bad because even if a vessel is close hauled, the wind pushes the boat back towards the wind. Sure, the boat may be moving "forward" but in reality the boat is veering and will innevitably head closer to shore and if the wind never changes, would innevitably run aground, despite best possible efforts at tacking. Anchoring is the only hope here. But I digress, it may not be necessary. CURRENT and TIDES Now in the sea trials I have tried to crash into the lighthouse and found that it is not programmed to be crashed into. (I just flew right through it). I know that open world will be the more appropriate time to test the mechanics of running aground and currents. But I just want to reiterate the importance of currents in sailing. Tides and their ebb and flow were crucial to timing when a ship would enter or leave a port efficiently. Also, open water currents would often perplex sailors in navigation and could be a fun addition to long distance travel in the game. I hope this was somewhat clear and I would be happy to try to re-explain.
  20. Is it possible to have the option to see more spray animations, particularly on heavy seas when the bow slams into oncoming waves. Also the option for ship wakes, for those with insane graphics cards to waste their bucks viewing I would in extreme weather imagine spray to be hurled as high as the foremast and a cloud of spray fly back over the ship, large amounts of water running along the ships deck and out through the scuppers or gunports etc. I realise this is purely a graphical enhancement and as such would not be a priority, but nevertheless I would request it is considered.
  21. I use this site to browse available books during age of sail, which do you use and would you recommend them. http://www.historicnavalfiction.com/
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