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Found 2 results

  1. Batman

    Bucentaure OW Sailing Profile

    Tonight, when we were sailing to Trinidad for the Port Battle, we noticed there seems to be bug within the Bucentaure Open World sailing profile. Close to the wind, the speed will drop to 2-3 knots, but directly into the wind the speed increased to 5-6 knots. We only noticed this because suddenly the L'Oceans in our fleet were going faster, despite being on the same course. All ships in the fleet were made from the same wood combinations, so speed differences from woods should not be an issue here. @admin @Ink
  2. I've been testing the L'Hermione recently, and I've found it to be very disappointing, especially considering that it now costs 15 PvP marks. I'm relieved that I bought a few back when they cost combat marks. If I had spent PvP marks on a ship that is this bad, I'd be upset (glares at the LGV Refit but refuses to rant about it in this thread). The sailing profile is not very good, HP is low, thickness is low, turn rate is rather low too. Firepower is quite decent though. I feel it needs some buffs. For reference, this is my L'Hermione (the true base speed cannot be viewed while in the ship with cannons and repairs loaded, you need to go to another ship to look at it; the real base speed is 13.00kn): 1. Comparing the sailing profile to various fifth rates show it to be a poor sailor, have a look at the following profiles. In fact, it is nearly the same profile as the much more powerful Indefatigable! (I simply highlighted the L'Hermione at a random spot to differentiate it from the similarly colored Belle Poule's profile) I'd also like to point out that tacking the L'Hermione is painful. The ship comes up into the wind nicely, till it gets about 15* off the wind. Then it begins quickly losing all speed and then spends a few moments reversing as it slowly falls away on the new tack. It tacks much like some of the heavy 3rd and 4th rates we have. Not the way I think a light frigate should. Solution: Give L'Hermione a sailing profile similar to Belle Poule/Trincomalee. Not as good as Surprise or Endymion upwind, but better than what it currently is. Looking at L'Hermione, there are plenty of staysails, so I'm not sure why the she behaves so poorly upwind. Also, fix the tacking. L'Hermione should be able to tack through the wind without reversing. It is a light frigate, not a ship of the line or super heavy frigate/4th rate. 2. Comparing HP and thickness, as well as speed and turn rate between Belle Poule, Surprise, and L'Hermione, we can see how poorly the L'Hermione stacks up. Belle Poule: 3825 HP 60 thickness 4.23 turn rate 12.98 speed Surprise: 3400 HP 57 thickness 4.11 turn rate 12.90 speed L'Hermione: 3500 HP 58 thickness 3.47 turn rate 13.00 speed Solution: Give L'Hermione 3625 HP, 60 thickness, and 3.90 turn rate. I think the speed could be left at 13.00. With these changes, the L'Hermione will become much more popular to sail. It won't outsail the Surprise or Endymion upwind. It won't be tougher than the Belle Poule (with that wonderful tumblehome). It won't turn faster than either ship. L'Hermione's advantage then, would be the larger guns and a very decent sailing profile that escapes or catches most larger frigates at some angle or another. Besides all that, I think the OW sailing profile needs a major buff: the ship drops to 4.0kn while sailing upwind. I've noticed this on several ships, most recently, on L'Hermione and Ingermanland. I know L'Hermione isn't the only ship that needs some adjusting right now: I mentioned the same sort of buffs and adjustments in Admin's thread about the final changes to the sailing model, but I just thought I'd point it out in a separate thread since L'Hermione doesn't seem to get too much attention. Thoughts on these changes? Anyone else sail the L'Hermione recently? If so, how balanced do you think it is/isn't?